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    Water pan with clay pot next to overflowing w/ grease

    Jerry they don't have anything to do with each other I was just stating that I can mix the fat when I grind instead of throwing it away you pay the same price per lb. for the fat as you do the leaner meat.
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    Water pan with clay pot next to overflowing w/ grease

    Eric, I have done 4 trimmed butts with the clay saucer and have not had a problem with an overflow of grease. I noticed that you have a 12" saucer I use the 14" that may be the difference. I also trim all my butts and like David I have a meat grinder so no need to waste it.
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    Smoker \ BBQ Gloves

    I also use the PVC gloves for meat handling and you can get them from a local industrial supply company for $2 a pair. I also use the welding gloves for handling fire equipment.
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    Green Lightning Shrimp

    I just made it last weekend and I thought it was very good. Nice heat and the garlic/cilantro butter was a nice finish. I have Raichlen's skewers, the flat stainless ones they work great. The food does not spin and you don't have to worry about burning them.
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    Lump in Ct.

    Tim, That is correct, If you are coming from 84 east take a right off the Queen St exit I think it is exit 32, Agway will be on your left right after Southington Campers. They are a Weber dealer and they have a nice display that makes me want to break out the credit card every time I'm there.
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    Lump in Ct.

    Tim, I was just at Agway and they have plenty of 20lb bags of Royal Oak.
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    Lump in Ct.

    Tim, I get Royal Oak at Wal Mart and Agway in Southington and I have also purchased Wicked Good Weekend Warrior from Deep's Hardware in Danbury.
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    How many bags of Rancher?

    I had 3 bags left at the house and I bought the last 9 bags at my local HD plus picked up 27 bags when I went to visit my parents and stopped by the local HD near their house. There was plenty left at that HD but that was all I was cramming into the car at one time. I think it is great stuff I...
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    Food Sticking to Grates

    I also make sure the grates are clean and I wipe the grates with peanut oil right before I throw the meat on. I find cleaning the grates is easy I just throw them on top of my kettle grate after I get done grilling and open the vents up wide wait till the gunk is cooked down then brush them off...
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    4th of July Cooking

    I've got 40-45 people coming over so I will be doing 2 butts, 6 racks of baby backs, burgers, chili dogs, teriyaki chicken and steak, and for the vegetarians some grilled tofu. As far as sides go some baked beans, corn bread, orzo, potato and macaroni salad. I also just finished my first batch...
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    When You're Smokin' What are You Drinkin' and Listening to?

    Some Belvedere on the rocks with a splash of OJ and if the Yankees are playing I'm listening to the game if not I'll have some fist pumping metal to keep me going.
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    A different "knives" question...

    Duncan, I think you answered your own question; the knives you have listed would be a great starting point for anyone. I have all the ones you have listed and I use my chefs knife more than anyone you have listed but I think it is all personal preference what feels good in your hand and what you...
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    Wicked Good Charcoal

    I used some on an overnight and I was very happy with the results. I started with a full ring and after 16hrs. there was still some unburned in the ring. The ash was low and I had no problems maintaining temps. I plan on using them as long as the local supplier has them in stock.
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    Smoke wood in Ct.

    Tim, Glad to see you got your order so quickly. I have been happy with their service and product. I should have mentioned that some of the chunks come through a little large and need to be cut I just give them a tap with my maul and they split quite easily. I noticed that you are doing some ribs...
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    Smoke wood in Ct.

    Hi Tim, I use Natures Own they have a good selection and you don't get beat up too bad on shipping cost since they are in RI. I was surprised on how hard of a time it is getting wood in CT I thought with all the orchards and maple trees around here it would be easy to get. I also just looked at...
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    Wild Boar

    Hi Keith, My brother-in-law just brought me a shoulder and ribs from his hunt and I was wondering the same myself.
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    Do you wash Cryovac meat before you cook it?

    Kevin, That was "worth a read" thanks for the link.
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    Where do you buy spices for the Rubs?

    Brad, I'm with Clark and David on Penzey's spices. I have filled orders online they ship quickly and I also visit their retail store when I'm in the area. Check out the website
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    Wicked Good Charcoal

    Tom, I can't give a fair review on the briquettes yet, I only used them to start my full ring of lump. (Minion Method) They started easy enough with 2 sheets of newspaper with my chimney starter and had no problem bringing the WSM up to temp. I will be traveling the next couple of weeks so I...
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    Smoked Orange Ginger Salmon

    Joe, Tried the recipe last night and just wanted to let you know the wife and I really enjoyed it. Thanks,