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    What has been your maximum pork butt payload on your WSM's ?

    IMO 6 butts on a 22 should be no problem. I have done 3 8lb butts on my 18 just on the top rack. The trick is to stand them on their end (vice laying them flat on long side) and kind of form a teepee. So I'd think 3 per rack on a 22 should be pretty comfortable. 8 I am not sure, but you...
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    Flame Boss higher temperature control on the WSM 22"

    Yes you should open the top vent all the way. I'd do this before offsetting the lid on the middle section to see how high the temp gets with just the top vent open. You can open the other two bottom vents to help get the temp up quicker and then shut them once you get to temp to help your...
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    Flame Boss higher temperature control on the WSM 22"

    In order to get higher temps with the WSM you need more air/smoke flow to exhaust from the WSM. You have plenty of air being pushed into the WSM from the fan, but you are not providing enough openings to exhaust the air/smoke from the WSM. Some people who do high heat on the WSM add another...
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    Refilling Disposable Propane cylinders

    Yes, if you want to put the canisters in the freezer, then you need to do this before you fill them. But you don't need to put them in the freezer to do this. I have many times just filled them without putting in freezer. They will fill fine, but you won't get as much transferred. It is not...
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    Refilling Disposable Propane cylinders

    The amount of effort is minimal: screw adapter onto tank, turn tank upside down, screw canister onto adapter, open valve of tank, let it fill, close valve, remove canister. you are talking about 5 min of effort really...10 min tops. That is not a lot of effort. I use these canisters for my...
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    Refilling Disposable Propane cylinders

    I have done it many times. I have an adapter just like the one in the walmart link above. Here is how I do it....YMMV: --Yes, put the canisters in the freezer for an hr or 2 --Also, if possible I place my 20lb tank in the sun so it warms up a bit (to create biggest temp/pressure difference)...
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    How to safely start a chimney for my 18" on a new deck

    I agree with the weed burner process to start. I used to use a chimney and now my chimney since in my shed rusting away. I do highly recommend using this torch (see amazon link below) over a weed burner that attaches to a 20lb propane tank. This is much easier to carry, use, and then put...
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    Home Made Pizza Kettle

    Put some corn meal on your peel before you put your dough on and it will slide right off onto your stone. Kg
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    Kettle Pizza Baking Steel is on sale

    For those that have the KettlePizza, this steel top is a great addition. I made my own out of 1/4" steel about 1.5 years ago after reading an article about someone that used a pizza steel to help redirect the heat onto the toppings. It was a PITA shaping it to fit the ring though and I had to...
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    lighting charcoal

    I switched to a weed burner or a propane fire starter. I bought a cheap weed burner off Northern Tool and should have known better. Didn't work worth a dang. So I found this on amazon ( It works great and you can use the small 2lb...
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    Lump charcoal question

    Boy, not sure what lump you all are using if you are finding all this stuff in it. I use Wicked Good Charcoal and never found anything other than charcoal in there and I have gone through a pallet of it. yes it is not cheap, but I am able to buy by the pallet so it is reasonable. Even if I...
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    When to wrap a butt

    I always wrap, but I have changed my process a little over the years. I keep my WSM on the low side (about 220) until the butt gets to more than 140, then I will raise the WSM temp up to about 250-260...and if it goes to 275 that is fine too. At around 160 I check the butt to see if bark is...
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    Temp Control Help

    Are you using water in the pan? If so, don't....very hard to get high temps with water in the pan. If you are not using water, then you need to create more air flow out of the WSM. Propping the door does this and that is why you can get temps up at beginning, but as soon as you shut it, then...
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    22.5 Lid fit

    Since it is new, I'd take a picture of all of the smoke coming out and then contact Weber after you figure out what piece is not flat. Their customer service is usually very good and should send you a replacement lid or center section once you figure out which one is the problem. They will ask...
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    Adding wood and "bad" smoke

    Don't confuse smoke and the smoke ring. The smoke ring only forms up to about 140 degrees meat temperature. However, smoke will continue to stick to the meat and add to the flavor profile throughout the cook. Therefore, there is benefit to continuing the smoke to the end of the...
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    BBQ for 175 people

    Yea that is a factor. That is why I add a thinned out modified No. 5 sauce as a finishing sauce to help. Plus it helps marry all of the flavors across the pork. Kg
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    BBQ for 175 people

    I can tell you all the butts I have cooked were cooked long enough and were done without being overdone. (i.e. blade slides right out and easily pulled apart by hand) What each person considers to be a lot of fat is relative. My family hates any fat at all in the finished product, so I go...
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    BBQ for 175 people

    It takes me a long time to pull 2-3 butts because I am anal about getting the interior fat pulled out. Pulling that many butts would take forever for me. Unless you are just going to use bear claws or something else to pull and not worry about the interior fat, then you may want to solicit the...
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    First smoke - noob mistake?

    Great job Justin on not giving up on the cook. Turned out awesome. One thing to think about is maybe your center section isn't perfect and your grate doesn't sit on the straps fully. There have been a number of people that had to add washers between the strap supports and the cylinder wall to...
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    How many use lump?

    Wow, this is interesting Chad. I used KBB and Stubbs a long time ago and had no problems with longevity, just like you. When I switched to lump because I absolutely hated all the ash buildup, I had no trouble on long cooks, so I never realized this was an issue for others. I have done many...