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  1. Bob H.

    Pizza on the Q220 Tonight

    Fred, where is the sausage? :)
  2. Bob H.

    Best Burger!

    I'll give them a try next time I am up that way....
  3. Bob H.

    Happen to Anyone Else with Amazon?

    I don't trust Amazon enough to shop with them......
  4. Bob H.

    Ever seen a barbecue sauce fountain?

    Think I will continue the tried and true ways.......
  5. Bob H.

    New member from Illinois

    J, can you make the snow go away please?
  6. Bob H.

    Miss you all

    I feel your pain Joan......
  7. Bob H.

    Genesis gold

    Did you buy it Michael?
  8. Bob H.

    No Grilling Tonight

    Wish my Dad was still around for me to grill for....
  9. Bob H.

    Hello from Illinois

    Welcome Jessica! TVWBB is a great place!
  10. Bob H.

    The baby has arrived

    Looks great!
  11. Bob H.

    Hello from Australia!

    Welcome Kate! I hope you find it here at TVWBB.
  12. Bob H.

    How Would You Discourage Coyotes From Entering Your Back Yard?

    I have their paw prints from the overnight snow. Maybe a slingshot with a cherry bomb or M-80......
  13. Bob H.

    Hello from The Mayor of BBQ 🔥

    Live a Great Story...... an interesting motto! Welcome to TVWBB!
  14. Bob H.

    Cowboys are out of the playoffs but in my Performer! Pork is pleased!

    It could be worse, you could be a lifelong Bears fan!
  15. Bob H.

    Lodge Blacklock cast iron

    Hi Dad! I would love either the 10.25 or the 12" THANKS!
  16. Bob H.

    Yellow complete! I promise this is the last yellow post!!

    Hey Paul, how are you going to top this?!!!
  17. Bob H.

    Beef prices!!

  18. Bob H.

    Wisconsin > Menasha: Mihm's Charcoal Grill

    I'll give them a try next time I am up that way......
  19. Bob H.

    The Elusive 225

    Wish that I had my moms 64 Electra, it was a sleeper.......
  20. Bob H.

    If You Could Grill Anywhere............?

    One more place.... in a grove of oak trees at what used to be our family farm in Oak Brook IL with my late grandpa and dad......