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  1. WB Zipf

    Tri Tip and Loaded Spuds

    Cliff, Great looking meal as always! Question for yah, how did you cook the artichoke? I have wanted to cook one on my grill, but haven’t yet found a recipe that I have wanted to try.
  2. WB Zipf

    Review: Impossible Burger at Burger King

    Ahggg the Russians must have hacked tvwbb
  3. WB Zipf

    Review: Impossible Burger at Burger King

    Chris, Thanks for the review! Quick question, when you tasted the third Impossible Wopper, was it any more juicy than the first one? Was the flavor any different/better? Thanks.
  4. WB Zipf

    Pecan smoked wings

    You can say that again!!
  5. WB Zipf

    Porterhouse Steaks with Board Sauce

    I need to try that! Thanks for sharing.
  6. WB Zipf

    4th of July cook advise needed

    Two fires, twice the fun! The choice seems obvious to me.
  7. WB Zipf

    2nd Brisket ever

    I have seen and made many briskets that fall short of what you have shared. I don’t know that I have seen to many of any that exceed it.
  8. WB Zipf

    Weber Wednesdays

    Well done! Those chops look delicious! I see the corn, but what is the other side dish you are serving?
  9. WB Zipf

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    I am not Chris, but since getting my WSCG, I have used it almost exclusively. I see my WSM 18” and have used it a couple time since, but not often. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, like I am neglecting him. Please don’t call and turn me into WPS (weber protective services), it would break my...
  10. WB Zipf

    ABC Slow n Sear Deluxe Kamado!

    An interesting product. One big difference is the ABC is only a 22” grill where as the WSCG is 24”, which is actually a bigger difference than you might expect. Regarding the application of the rest of the ABC line up of (SnS etc), I have been considering those products for use in my WSCG for...
  11. WB Zipf

    Made my 2nd and 3rd smoke on my new WSM 18 inch this past weekend

    Good to see you putting that WSM to use. I bought mine close to 10 years ago and still love it.
  12. WB Zipf

    Paella on the Performer

    Great looking cook! Thanks for showing us pictures of the different steps!
  13. WB Zipf


    Great looking cook and great photo staging!
  14. WB Zipf

    Tried a new Pulled Pork recipe

    Looks really good., I need to try this recipe.
  15. WB Zipf

    Brats and Ebelskivers by the sea

    I need to cook me some Ebelskivers. I have the pan, just never used it.
  16. WB Zipf

    Costco's sliced pork belly made into bacon

    Yum, I will take one of those sandwiches!
  17. WB Zipf

    Phew its been HOT!

    I love the pictures of fish, food, and tractors. A trifecta of treats.
  18. WB Zipf

    Leg of Lamb, Saffron Rice and Edgy Peas

    Mary had a little lamb, a little lamb, a little lamb. Mary had a little lamb, until one day Cliff B ate it. Nice cook!
  19. WB Zipf

    Lamb Korma

    Taking it to a new level of cooking on the grill. I always enjoy your post!
  20. WB Zipf

    Indian BBQ Fusion - Tandoori Lamb Shoulder & Vegetable Curry

    Now there is something you don’t see every day. I love it, thanks for posting!