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  1. Wolgast

    RIP: Bob Correll

    Really sad news. Mr Correll was highly respected and loved all over. Thoughts to his family from Sweden. Daniel and Emilie Wolgast
  2. Wolgast

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    Whatta Burn bro! But ye she is on fire *BTW how does report thingy works* ?
  3. Wolgast

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    First pick is gone due to cloud storage. Here is a newer one. Love to you all!
  4. Wolgast

    Brisket for Labor Day Weekend

    Awesome post looks great
  5. Wolgast

    Dinner for My Lady

    Ill eat that 7 Days a week
  6. Wolgast

    Labor Day Weekend Camping

    Thats how i wish my older Days will be like. Respect
  7. Wolgast

    Satay Of Baby Back Ribs

    A killer post like always
  8. Wolgast

    Creekstone Farms Prime chuck short ribs

    Awesome buddy!
  9. Wolgast

    Mongolian Beef

    Great food buddy! My kinda eats
  10. Wolgast

    piri piri chicken

    Great looking wings!
  11. Wolgast

    Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Ohh my...Awesome
  12. Wolgast

    Pizza a few days late

    Looks super tasty. Whats your setup?
  13. Wolgast

    Smoked Salmon/cod....

    Not yet but i need too. Gathering ideas atm. My brother did a batch of charcoal so im eager to try it
  14. Wolgast

    Smoked Salmon/cod....

    Ye im alive but seldom dokument food. Been alot with the housebuild and so on.
  15. Wolgast


    Happy Easter to all! First post in a long time Jerky: An old recipe from a friend.(Bob Correl) Hickory smoke. Double grate. 2lb of beef 4hours Asked Oscar if he could look natural and exited(ah well) Original Post by Bob...
  16. Wolgast

    Playing with Rib Rings today

    Tasty Chris Looks superb!
  17. Wolgast

    Chimney burger using Quebracho lump

    Tasty looking burger buddy!
  18. Wolgast

    First time spinning a bird

    A Shut the __ up bird right there bro!
  19. Wolgast

    Garlic Parmesan Wings on the 26

    No one does it better John!
  20. Wolgast

    Tri Tip, Spuds and Sprouts

    Sweet As Always!