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  1. DrewZ

    Who Has Gas Assist But Chooses to Use Another Method to Light Coal (and why)?

    There is a part of NJ that falls below the Mason-Dixon line . . .
  2. DrewZ

    Anyone have Measurents of Kettle Height, not including legs of 18" Kettle vs 18" Jumbo Joe - thinking of making my own version of portable 18"

    I modified an 18" to use on the dock at my cabin. Aside from cutting down the legs, I added the lid bale from a first-generation outrider.
  3. DrewZ

    England score in North America

    The Junior goes to 11
  4. DrewZ

    Help identifying old Weber

    Black durawood is a real thing: I'm using on my FrankenJunior
  5. DrewZ

    Who Has Gas Assist But Chooses to Use Another Method to Light Coal (and why)?

    My SSP-centric $.02: I bought a non-assist SSP in 2018 into which I transplanted a sage green bowl and lid. I was perfectly happy using a Weber cube to light a chimney. About a year and a half later I stumbled across a free gas-assist SSP and transplanted the gas-assist bits along with a Crate...
  6. DrewZ

    What is blue wave?

    That's a genuine Weber color. Whether it was a Euro color, I can't say. I picked it up in Brooklyn. There's a theory that it was part of a Superstorm Sandy relief program from Weber because another one was found in the same area that came with a small pack of lighter cubes and some other...
  7. DrewZ

    What is blue wave?

    I believe this is blue wave in Smokey Joe form:
  8. DrewZ

    Feeler Genesis S-320 sidewinder - "some" assembly required

    After completing my 3-burner Junior project in late 2020, I set about to refresh my S-320. I got everything disassembled and started painting the floor and lower frame parts that needed painting. I didn't finish before outdoor-painting season ended, so I stowed everything away in the garage...
  9. DrewZ

    What Exactly is a “bro & sear” and Why Do I Need One?

    I prefer "Criminally Frugal." I made my BnS from charcoal baskets that came with a second hand grill I bought. I upgraded it by using a scrap piece of expanded metal on the bottom to better hold smaller bits of lump charcoal. By my precise mathematical calculation, I get 80% of the benefit...
  10. DrewZ

    23-1/4” long Jr burners

    I still have this one stored away at my cabin in the Poconos: Free Junior
  11. DrewZ

    What color is the SSP nirvana?

    The SSP was originally a non-assist model (hence, the lack of casters). I later added gas-assist from a donor SSP. The Sage came from a One-Touch Platinum, so it had the brackets and lid bale, but not the gas-assist holes. The Blue and Crate & Barrel Green each came from a gas-assist...
  12. DrewZ

    What color is the SSP nirvana?

    I've housed several different bowls in my SSP. Still not sure which is my favorite: Sage: Limited Edition Red: Crate & Barrel Green: Blue: And my current setup, Ivory:
  13. DrewZ

    Ocean blue kettle lid.

    If you can't get one from Weber customer service, here's one on ebay: Deep Ocean Blue Lid
  14. DrewZ

    Wanted, Old Style Ash Pan

    Reproductions available on WKC:
  15. DrewZ

    Genesis Jr on the FBMP

    Now for sale @ WKC: $100 Jr. - Annapolis MD
  16. DrewZ

    Genesis Berkline?

    A bit too rich for my blood, but it does look nice. FB Marketplace Snap-On Genesis $400 - Mt. Vernon, NY
  17. DrewZ

    Black Durawood for Trade **Currently Gone and Traded**

    Free bump for Black Durawood. It not only looks good, it would be an awesome screen name for an adult film actor.
  18. DrewZ

    Genesis Jr burners

    Correct. I used the crossover from a Genny 3000 in my Jr. Different crossovers have different mounts for the middle burner, but that becomes irrelevant with no middle burner on an unmodified Junior. Any x000 crossover should work.
  19. DrewZ

    Skyline 1200 parts - basket and manual

    UPDATE 11/19/21: Basket is sold. Just about everything else is still available. I picked up a Skyline 1200 primarily to reserve the lid for a project. If anyone has a Skyline and needs the right-side condiment basket and/or an original owners manual/binder, let me know. Everything else is...
  20. DrewZ

    Free Genesis Junior - NJ

    I picked this up earlier this week with half a mind to part it out. Before I go down that rabbit hole, I'd rather see if someone might be interested in restoring it. It is complete and it does fire up with a lighter stick. It even comes with the original owners manual which indicates it was...