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    What some guys will do to BBQ...

    Never had a brisket in my pants.
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    I bought a grill to rehab

    Just noticed this thread. I have the identical grill from 2002. Yours looks to be in pretty good shape; the carts have a tendency to rust if left out in the weather uncovered. Great grill.
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    Added a Performer to my backyard last night

    I too have a C&B Performer although much older. Great find!
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    What mods are worth the $$$

    I never needed a mod except for my old 19.5" which didn't come with a dome thermometer - I added one. Fiddled around with an empty water pan and a clay pot base in the water pan (both foiled) and that worked well. Finally added a Hunsaker Vortex Basket and took out the water pan, and that's...
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    Hack-Job 26" Performer

    PM Sent.......
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    Hack-Job 26" Performer

    To hell with the mod, I just want to find a 26" on craigslist. Few and far between around here. (Not knocking your mods, they look great!)
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    Why can't we just call it all barbecue?

    When I first started my bbq journey, I was obsessed. Buying grills & smokers (one time I had 14), taking part in threads debating barbecue vs grilling, etc. That was a long time ago. Now when I have guests over, I just tell them what we're having: brisket, pulled pork, chicken, NY Strips...
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    Just cut the thing in half...

    Toss brisket?:confused: If the end of the flat is super thin, I tuck it under. Sometimes I will make a shallow cut so it will act like a hinge. Mostly, though, I pass on those long skinny briskets. Still, grinding it isn't tossing it, is it?
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    New to the Dark Side

    A lot of people like the flavor of food cooked on one grill or smoker and try to get the same flavor on another grill or smoker. The most common example is people going from a traditional smoker to a pellet grill. The pellet grill has a much more subtle smoke flavor, so they add smoke tubes...
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    Any difference in gens?

    Thermometer, different door, larger water pan, heat shield on bottom, heavier duty legs. I still have the original but have cooked on newer ones. I didn't notice any difference with the cooks once they were broken in.
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    Just cut the thing in half...

    Agree with Timothy. I've cooked 18 pounders in my 18.5" by wedging them between the cooking grate handles forming an arch. They shrink in a couple of hours and sit flat on the grate.
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    brand-new 22.5” WSM —- first mods??

    +1 on adding a second charcoal grate placed at 90 degrees. Not really a mod.
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    Smoker vs. Oven

    Nothing wrong with finishing in the oven after wrapping, but I can count on one hand how many times I've done it. No ATC either. Guess I'm just set in my ways.
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    How did you get into bbqing/smoking food?

    The local Kroger had a Silver Smoker set up in a weekend display about 10 years ago and I asked how much? It wasn't in their inventory so I offered $25. Went to Home Depot to find parts for mods and saw a Brinkmann Gourmet assembled on the floor with a couple of dents. Offered $25. Modded...
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    hunsaker vortex in WSM

    I have one and I haven't noticed the smoke spinning (haven't really looked), but the heat is more even. I've always had to protect the outside edges (like when cooking a large brisket) with foil because the outer 1" or so is much hotter than the rest of the WSM when set up normally. Not so...
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    2nd Brisket ever

    Great looking brisket!
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    Free 18" Weber WSM takers after hours on the site. If you lived in Atlanta, it would be gone in minutes. Great of you to offer. I hope whoever gets it really appreciates the generosity.
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    2000 vs 2006 weber silver, better choice?

    Just glanced at the first post and missed the customer service thing. They asked a couple of questions, then replaced mine. Weber CS must be slipping.
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    Thermapen and Smoke on sale AGAIN

    They're on sale all the time since I paid full price for mine!
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    2000 vs 2006 weber silver, better choice?

    The bulge is in a part that has a lifetime guarantee. Register the grill, then call Weber and send them the picture. They replaced mine after 10 years.