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  1. Gary H. NJ

    For traveling - Smoky Joe or Go Anywhere?

    Thanks all for your heartfelt input. I ended up getting the go anywhere, largely for its compactness. I’ll try to give it a trial run soon before heading out with it in late September on a trip. Again, thanks to everyone for your help. ✌🏼✌🏽✌🏿
  2. Gary H. NJ

    For traveling - Smoky Joe or Go Anywhere?

    For future traveling- house sitting, car camping, etc — do people prefer the Smoky Joe or the charcoal Go Anywhere?
  3. Gary H. NJ

    For traveling - Smoky Joe or Go Anywhere?

    For my future travels - house-sitting, car camping, etc, do folks prefer the Weber 14” Smoky Joe or the charcoal Go Anywhere?
  4. Gary H. NJ

    WSM 22.5" Can not keep temperature consistent.

    After years of smoking with a WSM, I’ve been having similar issues lately as well. I think my door has loosened up a bit and I think that’s the issue. After I’m finished smoking I close all the vents, but the next day the coals are still smoldering. That gasket set looks like just the ticket...
  5. Gary H. NJ

    The WSM on a Trex deck

    We just moved into a new house and it has a Trex composite decking. It’s basically plastic. Should I be concerned about using the smoker on the deck itself? Thinking about putting in some bricks next to the deck on the lawn to do the smoking there. What are peoples experience with the Trex deck...
  6. Gary H. NJ

    RIP: Bob Correll

    Jim, this is the first that I heard of Bob‘s passing. So sorry to hear of it. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but he was such a lovely guy in conversation here and on Facebook.
  7. Gary H. NJ

    Brisket Labour Day Weekend 2016

    Yup , you nailed it. Looks tender and juicy! Haven't done a brisket in ages. Anxious to try an American wagyu.
  8. Gary H. NJ

    GRILLIN' In GREEN BAY: The P1Gvilion Goes On The Road!

    How'd it go Jim. Hope all went well!
  9. Gary H. NJ

    Brisket Nirvana

    That's astounding Jeff. Didn't know that brisket, even Wagyu brisket got that marbleized. Love the pics of the pigs too. :)
  10. Gary H. NJ

    Ribs For the Fourth

    Great ribs and that sauce looks righteous.
  11. Gary H. NJ

    FlashBack Sunday

    Bravo Bob and congrats on 6 years. This October is 5 for me.
  12. Gary H. NJ


    Whoa. I'd show up for the paella. Looks super duper.
  13. Gary H. NJ

    Tomahawk On Santa Maria

    You did it right my friend. *sigh* Time for me to pick up a ribeye!
  14. Gary H. NJ

    WSM owner

    Smoke ring is pretty, but doesn't mean a thing. See here
  15. Gary H. NJ

    Dungeness Crab Cakes

    You can't beat homemade crab cakes. Awesome. Peter, have you tried them using potato roll bread crumbs rather than white bread? Lends a sweetness.
  16. Gary H. NJ


    It blows my mind. How do you get all this food made? It all looks amazing Jim.
  17. Gary H. NJ

    Angus brisket in the rain

    Sometimes it's all about the food. But mostly it's all about friends. Today was a good day. Had a few friends over for brisket dinner. Started the 16# Angus brisket last night about 8pm. Smoked with apple and hickory wood. Working under the eaves of the house in the rain, but it all worked out...
  18. Gary H. NJ

    My 1st brisket (flat only)

    Looks quite tasty. Nice job.
  19. Gary H. NJ

    I needs a P1gvilion!

    I really appreciate all the pics, suggestions and encouragement. It worked. We made it through. ;)
  20. Gary H. NJ

    I needs a P1gvilion!

    Concerning the shirt thing Bob- no worries. You look good in plaid. 😂