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    What's the price of gas where you live?

    $3.99 for the cheep stuff in Utah and rising
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    Jealous devil?

    My local tractor supply company has jealous devil lump for 25$ a bag. and was on sale last time I was there for 20$ a bag.i got four this is the best lump burns for a long time. and great smell it is the best out there
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    I saw something today that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

    Harry soo has posted the video on YouTube
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    Free Stickers

    I receive my stickers to day and they are great they fill pretty heavy duty to thanks chris
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    Where's everyone from?

    Good old springville utah
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    Winners: $25 Amazon Gift Cards

    Thanks for the gift card Chris. I haven't claim it because I don't have a Amazon account but I know what I want now a basket for my rotisserie so I can do spatchcok rotisserie chicken so I get it done thanks again
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Ok thanks for the info
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    What if you drilled some holes in the bottom channel to let grease drain from there to .or take a grinder and make a grove in the bottom. seems like that bottom hole get ash all over it covering it up
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    Burnt ends .abt .ribs.and sides.watching the truck race now can't wait till sun. go 4
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    Royal oak new size

    This was lump Bob .wall mart had 30# of regular r&o and a 16#bag of lump r&o xl with bigger pieces .they also had a bag of cheap lump to dont remember the name though
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    Royal oak new size

    Royal oak has a new size they have a 30 # bag .and they have a new xl size with bigger pieces at 16 # they are both about 16$ I seen them at wall mart I got the 30# bag felt like it had good peices it was a new pallet
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    saw a stack of SRF briskets at the grocery store today

    What grocery store was this I'm down in Springville but work in slc I would like to check those out
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    New Charcoal?

    I have use several bags I like it has a good smell and burn clean .I think it is there chef select re bagged
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    Does anyone use Royal Oak Ridge Charcoal Briquettes?

    They have a new all natural birquetts with are pretty good and light fast and smell great
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    What Do You Think: WSM Smoke Day 14 Logo

    Looks good to me. I would wear a shirt like that. will you have 3x size
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    charcoal at walmart

    I tried the royal oak birquetts last night they start up really fast and smelled like lump but burn out fast but the wind was blowing and it was cold I liked them
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    my first trip to Penzeys

    I like Rancho market to they have a good selection. they have cuts of meat you don't get at the big box stores :blackkettle::wsm22::redgenesis1:::blackperformer:
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    charcoal at walmart

    Last year at this time they had el diablo mesquite lump on sale I loved it I bought 5 bags 40# bags for 13.88 A bag looks like I'm heading to wall Mart to try it out
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    I'm a winner

    I would like to say thanks to the tvwbb for choosing me to be the May winner of the kingfords bbq sauce I will put it's go good use on some pull pork and ribs I will let you guy's know how they taste :blackkettle::wsm22::redgenesis1