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  1. Mike in Roseville

    PBC hinged grate in WSM with gateway Hanging rack?

    Hanging rack in a WSM is great. You don't need to run both at the same time, but I suppose you could. You also don't need a stacker, but you might need to trim your slabs a little. @Fritz...try putting the stacker between the bowl and the barrel (rather than the barrel and lid).
  2. Mike in Roseville

    Please edumacate me about the Hunsaker

    You don't remove the plate while the ring is lit (it's incredibly hot). Minion method to start with chunks on the outside is how I do it. I have plates and a basket. They can be run with or without the water pan. It really does even out temps especially when hanging and cuts down on the...
  3. Mike in Roseville

    What is a good price for a used 22 in Kettle?

    Congrats. FYI, you can refurbish those Gen2 performer tables with a magic eraser.
  4. Mike in Roseville

    Post-First Cook questions

    I usually take out remaining charcoal (when cool) and add to a bucket. Then dump the ashes in the garbage. Some charcoal relights better (and smells better when doing so) than others.
  5. Mike in Roseville

    Royal Oak 18lb Twin Packs on sale @ Wal Mart

    It doesn't burn nearly as hot as the All Natural, but a great value at $8.88 for two bags.
  6. Mike in Roseville

    14" wsm

    That has to be one of the funniest things I've seen.
  7. Mike in Roseville

    Worth it?

    I have had every size over the years and they all have their place. I currently have a 22WSM at home and an 18WSM up at the cabin. My dad and brother both have 18WSMs. They are great cookers!
  8. Mike in Roseville

    Briquettes vs. Lump?!

    For competition I like RO All Natural briquettes. The double bag of RO Professional is pretty much what I use for most cooks now that Weber/Stubbs are no mas.
  9. Mike in Roseville

    41 Year Old Bag of Kingsford: What to do?

    Chris...haven't signed in for a while but just got your message and checked this thread. To looks like 84e0002 January 2020 is coming up fast. That will make it 40 years old on the nose.
  10. Mike in Roseville

    Eyelet Kit for WSM

    The Smoke probes will not fit through the Guru Eyelets. Not sure about the Chef Alarm.
  11. Mike in Roseville

    Hunsaker Vortex Plate

    I have used both the $33 plate and the actual Hunsaker fire basket in both the 18WSM and 22WSMs. They both work fairly well to even out the temps in the cook chamber. By that I mean, I haven't found the need to rotate meat that is hanging in there (they all come out pretty even). I also haven't...
  12. Mike in Roseville

    41 Year Old Bag of Kingsford: What to do?

    Yes it was open. That bag came with a few other unopened off-brand bags. Everything was dry. As for the date of the's old. That bag came with a mid-late 70's black Weber 22 (that was maybe cooked on 2-3 times), a vintage flower cover in great shape, and a NIB full sized Weber table.
  13. Mike in Roseville

    hunsaker vortex in WSM

    I have used the vortex basket in my dad's 18WSM and have a vortex plate for my 22WSM. Both work great. I am finding I no longer need to rotate the hanging rack because everything cooks more evenly. YMMV.
  14. Mike in Roseville

    What Caused this Kettle Rash?

    You don't see it too often on black kettles but older colored kettles you see it all the time. The cause is high heat (KettlePizza like Robert said used as a fire pit). You never see it north of where the charcoal grate sits. It's always from the charcoal grate area, down down.
  15. Mike in Roseville

    Vortex thighs using Royal Oak from WM Memorial Day sale

    I will have to check out that breading. Just roll them in breading and toss them on?
  16. Mike in Roseville

    Advice for First Chicken Smoke?

    300-350 degrees. Dry brine or liquid brine works well. Injection is ok too. Just use the flavor of the coal, no smoke wood. Even a little wood can sometimes overpower the chicken, so I suggest skipping it on your first run.
  17. Mike in Roseville

    Wings for a comp

    I'd say practice with flavors (rubs and sauces) but one thing I was always told...they need to "have some HEAT to compete." Not crazy spicy, but don't go just smoky/salty or strictly sweet.
  18. Mike in Roseville

    41 Year Old Bag of Kingsford: What to do?

    You're welcome! I thought a burn test compared to a new bag of Kingsford would be neat. We always talk about how Weber has changed their formula over the years or comment that it's "not as good as it used to be." This might be a way to find out. Or just cook with it :D I had some other small...
  19. Mike in Roseville

    Weber briquettes

    Really? I find they get plenty hot.
  20. Mike in Roseville

    First rib hang...

    And you know what? That's cool. Some people grew up with grilled ribs/pork chops and they love that flavor. Others like the cleaner flavor of not having drippings hit the fire. You do you! My preferred method is actually a hybrid method of hanging over coals....then wrapping (even with no...