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  1. Michael C.

    Monday Spare ribs

    I took the day off and decided to make some spare ribs. Smoked for 3hrs at 225F, then wrapped for a couple of hrs, checked on them, they were done :) Very tasty :)
  2. Michael C.

    Philly Cheese Steaks on the Weber griddle

    Man I want some! That looks very goooooood!!!!!
  3. Michael C.

    Sunday Brisket flat

    I found a small brisket flat on sale at Aldi, Smoked it for 2hrs at 250F, wrapped for 4hrs, I let it rest for another 2hrs, very tender moist and juicy :)
  4. Michael C.

    Halibut tacos

    I found some nice halibut fillets on sale at Sprouts, I could not resist. They were very tasty! :) Tropical storm Hillary was all bark and no bite, no damage around the house :)
  5. Michael C.

    Brand New 22 & Meatloaf

    Sweet!!! Nice and shiny new smoker!
  6. Michael C.

    Pre Storm Extra meaty Baby Back ribs

    Thanks guys, I had my Weber smokers and grills since 2007, I recently bought a Pit Boss Pellet smoker, and really like the results I get with ribs. I used a little dab of Coke Zero before wrapping just to ad a little bit of moisture to the foil packet. Worst humidity I ever felt is a tie between...
  7. Michael C.

    Pre Storm Extra meaty Baby Back ribs

    Tropical storm Hillary is expected to reach my neck of the woods sometime Sunday and Monday with heavy rain and wind. I wanted to get these extra meaty baby back ribs cooked before the storm hits. Cooked 3 hrs at 225F, then wrapped in foil with some coke zero at 250F for another 3 hrs, they were...
  8. Michael C.

    Monday Wings :)

    Smoked the wings for about 45 minutes using hickory wood for smoke, they were very tasty :)
  9. Michael C.

    No wrap loin back ribs

    I have a Pit Boss pellet smoker added to my Weber smokers, and have great results with ribs. Yours looks great!
  10. Michael C.

    Couple of pizzas

    That's a great setup! Pies looks very tasty!!!!
  11. Michael C.

    Sunday Spare Ribs

    It's hard to tell, but I added Kinder's Caramelized Onion Butter seasoning on the ribs the night before. Lately, I haven't been adding any BBQ sauce to ribs, they were plenty tasty as is :)
  12. Michael C.

    Go Giants TTT

    That TT looks Huge! Very tasty too :)
  13. Michael C.

    Sunday Spare Ribs

    Smoked at 200FF for 3 hrs, wrapped for another 3 hrs at 225F, they were very moist but not falling off the bone. very tasty :)
  14. Michael C.

    While the cats away...

    Those ribs looks very good!!!!
  15. Michael C.

    Grilled Pork Tenderlon

    Very simple cook, grilled pork and corn on this Hot Saturday :)
  16. Michael C.

    Baby Back ribs open fire....

    You knocked this one out of the park! Looks great!!!!
  17. Michael C.

    Spinning a Tri tip :)

    I found a nice tri tip on sale for $2.99 lb, I used several chunks of Hickory wood, cooked it for about 25 minutes or so. When I sliced the tri tip, it was very tender and juicy :)
  18. Michael C.

    Vortex Wings

    Those wings looks great!!!!!
  19. Michael C.

    Basic BBQ Chicken on 18” WSM

    Chicken looks great!!!! Nice job!
  20. Michael C.

    Saturday Wings

    Wings on Mini Me smoker, I used Pecan wood for smoke, 45 minutes later, they were done, very moist and tasty :)