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  1. Lory Harrison

    First Brisket packer

    That's just an undercooked slab. You can serve it that way but it's similar to what it would look like if you just cooked it in the oven. Or prepped it for corned beef. There's nothing wrong with it. It's fine but it's fatty just because it wasn't smoked through and grease drippy for that same...
  2. Lory Harrison

    First Brisket packer

    Why? The whole thing should have been re smoked. By the book cutting is irrelevant at this point. It needs to be smoked through to begin with and then cut by preference. We don't always go against the grain here.
  3. Lory Harrison

    First Brisket packer

    Not enough heat or smoke. That's all. There was nothing to rest. And yes the fat didn't render. If he trimmed it to 3lbs it should have melted like pot roast. Slabs are meant for abuse and mistakes, it's probably the only cut that you can't mess up unless you pull it too soon. It needs to be...
  4. Lory Harrison

    First Brisket packer

    No. look at mine I've been cooking a slab a week my whole life. Everyone I know does this. Most slab houses do it this way. You can't dry it out or jerky it. You can only smoke it better longer. It's only done according to your technology. Try it the other way. Take the helmet off like Luke...
  5. Lory Harrison

    First Brisket packer

    It didn't cook fast, just leave it and pull it at hour 12-14 regardless of temp. Don't second guess ur self, u were right n smokin time. Even 16 hrs would have been fine, even without the trimmed fat. Wow is that $100 for a slab? I could have sent you 3 with shipping. That's not a Texas brag...
  6. Lory Harrison

    My 1st brisket (flat only)

    aluminum foil really smothers a slab. I don't know any slab houses that do that, we normally wrap in wax or butcher papers. That looks like a piece of slab??? It needs wood smoke and more than double cook time.
  7. Lory Harrison

    Dang Fathers Day!!

    Oh my lord! Bragging on brisket. This made my day. This is no different than those Weber family portraits. That isn't bragging, it's just showcasing. This slab freezer took me by surprise, the other pics I've posted show it on a non holiday day and it's stacked to the sky, this was really...
  8. Lory Harrison

    First Comp win

    Your charity is great! I have a service dog in training. I'm so glad to see this charity, there's not too many out there for service dogs.
  9. Lory Harrison

    Birthday dinner - smoked lobster

    Lord Love a Duck!! Ain't that the best sight of all!! Dang there just ain't nothin like smoked lobster and pasta, they were born to be together. Very nice. Here in South Texas we'd ruin it by stuffing all that into hot garlic bread and eating it like a sandwich!! This looks great man...
  10. Lory Harrison

    Dang Fathers Day!!

    Look at the slab freezer at my grocery store!! Omg look at how low and picked over it is and look at how LATE I was at getting a slab for the week!! I Forgot that Fathers Day brings out all the holiday cooks!!! See the beef ribs on the far right, that's supposed to be all slabs, look how low...
  11. Lory Harrison

    A cpl recent cooks

    Yum to the 100th power on the pizza! There's nothing like a great outdoor oven pizza. You nailed it!!
  12. Lory Harrison

    Brazilian Spit-Roasted Sirloin Cap --- aka "Picanha no espeto"

    We have a lot of Gaucho restaurants in San Antonio and they offer table side meat cutting like your spit cook. This kind of cooking is very rewarding. It's a great way to feed your family. You did a good job!
  13. Lory Harrison

    Simple and healthy, grilled fish and french beans

    Very classic cook, very nice. Fish is a delicate thing and you've done a very beautiful job on it. Your photography is also very nice.
  14. Lory Harrison

    Hanging ribs and pork belly

    That pig crackling looks great, good job, it's not easy to do!
  15. Lory Harrison

    Chuck eyes on the kettle

    I like your dishes !! That steak Dustin at midnight right now made me hungry!! God that looks good!!
  16. Lory Harrison

    Brats and Fries

    There was a period in my life wherein my blood was replaced solely by Modelo fat baby Especial. Great choice of booze for the boozey bratty brats!!! Yum!!
  17. Lory Harrison

    Brisket Slab, Overnight Smoke Results, part 2

    Ah a night smoke!! Good good! Let me know please, night smokes are great! I can't wait to see it !!! And thank you for the compliment!
  18. Lory Harrison

    Butterflied Lamb

    That's a good idea. I feed my dog a lot of sardine, mackerel and anchovy and we eat it too but I never thought to marinate in it. Lamb is great too for soaking up flavor and putting out flavor as well. Good idea, good smoke too.
  19. Lory Harrison

    Alaska Salmon

    Yummy! It's not always easy to smoke seafoods because they're delicate and easy to ruin but you did a great job, the animal has a really nice color to it and flake. Looks fantastic!
  20. Lory Harrison

    Brisket Slab, Overnight Smoke Results, part 2

    thank you guys, the meteorite made me laugh! Awesome!! Thank you too Dustin!!! That brisket was stacked funny, it had a whole almost removable lower flap. We slice for tacos, so we were ok!!! But I agree w you, dang cow!!