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    HeaterMeter Hardware v4.2.4

    Bryan, have there been any updates on Raspberry Pi B's being available in the store?
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    RJ45 attached Probes?

    I hope someone will have the time to write this up. Hopefully soon I will be putting in an order and would like this option.
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    General Newbie Questions

    So are there boards available that are as tested as the HM PCB? Ah, that makes sense. So now I have to research the different there one that is more popular so if I have issues/questions I can bounce questions off others?
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    General Newbie Questions

    Sorry for the non-researched question, but can you still do 4 probes if they are all TC's? Also, can someone explain the purpose of the servo in the blower assembly?
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    Where does your HM live during a cook

    I currently hang my maverick on the shelf of the BGE (getting ready to order my HM). I thought about building some sort of weather shield for the HM. It would be sweet to build a case that is IP7 waterproof rated....obviously someone smarter than me. :)
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    General Newbie Questions

    I will be doing a 4.2.4 build. So the most common configuration is to have 3 thermistor probes and 1 thermocouple probe? At least that’s what I think the majority of the pictures are.
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    General Newbie Questions

    Assuming, this why you have the thermocouple jack for the pit probe to tolerate the higher temps, correct?
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    General Newbie Questions

    I have been reading and researching for a while now and have accumulated a few newbie questions. I have tried to search for these questions but I haven’t found a clear answer. If this has been covered already please point me in the right direction. In the assembly instructions on step 10 I...