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  1. S.Six

    Labor Day brisket

    I once put a 17lb'er on my 18"wsm, real tight fit too lol. I like cooking my briskets whole too, but sometimes I do like to separate the point and flat. Put one on each level, makes it way easier to if I plan on making burnt ends with the point.
  2. S.Six

    New Weber pellet grills for 2020

    How is that the Lg one is going for $1200, wifi and all that computer junk in it, but the charcoal summit was around $2200? No motor, no computer, no wifi, but $1000 more? Come on Weber.
  3. S.Six

    The stuff wealthy people get rid of

    That's tuff to beat!
  4. S.Six

    NYE pig on a DIY rotisserie spit

    Awesome pig cook! I've only done one myself on my Lang 84, can't wait to do another one this year. thanks for sharing.
  5. S.Six

    First time smoking. EVER. Whole packer prime brisket and pork butt

    Great looking pix man! That brisket is awesome! Just a couple things to comment on: 13hrs in and still in the stall is why I never cook at 225° it works, but it just takes way too long in my opinion. Experiment with different temps and methods, like foiling. I smoke at 275-300° for 8hrs...
  6. S.Six

    **Fail** BP method for brisket - too fast/undercooked

    I've cooked a lot of briskets and I find it very hard to believe that a 14lber was out of the stall after only 4hrs at 275-300°(especially as that is the temps that I smoke at). That and only 60mins later and it was at 210°? In BP? I've tried the BP a few times and found it just doesn't push the...
  7. S.Six

    Basic question

    I'm totally with Enrico on this one! Bury them, do a minion start and let the wsm warm up. best ring on a brisket this way! Oh, and don't add any more chunks during the cook, and I'll use 3-4 or 1 big chunk.
  8. S.Six

    How to properly smoke on a WSM

    I too am a believer in burying your wood chunks. I could never get a good ring on briskets till I started doing that, and I get good smoke too. I just put 2-3 chunks in, or one big one, and don't add any more during the cook. Try it a few times you might like it!
  9. S.Six

    amount of wood chunks

    On my wsm's I use 3-4 chunks on briskets and butts. Ribs 2-3 chunks, chicken usually just 2 chunks. it really doesn't take that much to get a good smoky flavor. 11 or so chunks that you were using is way too much.
  10. S.Six

    Currently own a 18.5....add a 22.5?

    I know how you feel! My signature below says it all:)
  11. S.Six

    Pulled pork for 200

    Sorry but had to comment. a 1/4lb raw weight burger patty is not 12oz, 1lb is 16oz, so 1/4lb= 4oz. Never the less, I agree on the 100lbs raw weight of pork butt. I always cook bone in and I always go with about 1/2lb per person raw weight, but it doesn't hurt to add a couple more butts...
  12. S.Six

    Family Reunion 2017

    I'll second a high heat rib cook. I've done several, no bbq sauce, and they're awesome!
  13. S.Six

    Going In Big and Blind!

    Hope to see some pix!
  14. S.Six

    Three little pigs (shoulders)

    Great lookin cook! And turned a vegetarian too! Outstanding!
  15. S.Six

    Lessons Learned From First Cook

    I like to let the smoker get around 300+ before I put the meat on. I'll run without water and shoot for around 275 °. Heating the water up b4 is a good idea, and that's what I would do when I ran with water. My advice is to don't worry too much about what temp you're running at. As long as...
  16. S.Six

    Question for those that went from 18" up to 22" or 22" down to 18"

    Haven't had that problem. both my 18.5"wsm and 22.5"wsm like to run around 275ish without water in the pan.
  17. S.Six

    Question for those that went from 18" up to 22" or 22" down to 18"

    Kind of had the same I got all 3😆
  18. S.Six

    First Fling w/the New Mistress and I Need Some Advice

    My advice is to not worry too much about what temp you're at (with in reason). 225, 250, 275, 285, 300° just let it ride where it wants to be and life will be way less stressful! You'll just have to adjust your times a bit. I run my 18.5"wsm and 22.5"wsm without water and vents 100% open and...
  19. S.Six

    First Butt Cook on new WSM 14.5 in Photos

    Butt looks great, but your door looks like its almost flat! Bend that sucker a bit to put a curve on it. It will fit much better that way.
  20. S.Six

    Cajun Bandit 22.5" door help

    I got one for my 22.5"wsm too, but didn't have that problem. I did however get a compression latch to get ut to fit tighter.