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  1. John Saldana

    Football is back baby!

    Fan for the last 55+ yrs. ;)
  2. John Saldana

    For CAT lovers

    My boy Beto. :D
  3. John Saldana

    Ribs on the Grill in roughly 1 hour

    I do I hr babybacks all the time, ring of charcoal and ribs in the middle, :p
  4. John Saldana

    Rehash on knife sharpener

    Have this one and it works great for not a lot of money.
  5. John Saldana

    Using Non-Stick Cooking Spray for Grilling & Barbecuing

    Been using this stuff forever, spray down the grates after brushing all the loose stuff off. ;)
  6. John Saldana

    Using Non-Stick Cooking Spray for Grilling & Barbecuing

    Get the 2 pack at Costco. (y)
  7. John Saldana

    What's the price of gas where you live?

    Filled up yesterday, Shell Nitro, $7.29 :(
  8. John Saldana

    Snake River Farms Tri-Tip

    Tri-Tip is King in Cent Cal. :love:
  9. John Saldana

    Traveler in Colors for 2023 model year

    Black Cherry. ;)
  10. John Saldana

    New Dog Pics - Post Pics Of Your Best Friend!

    My shadow "Chuy" ;)
  11. John Saldana

    If You Could Only Have One Weber?

    My Big Boy 26"er. :cool:
  12. John Saldana

    Hi from Sunny Central California

    Bienvenidos, from the San Joaquin Valley. ;)
  13. John Saldana

    Store bought rubs - worth it?

    Been using Pappys for a long time, 50% less salt and works great on TriTip and ribs. ;)
  14. John Saldana

    Outback Steakhouse Seasoning Clone aka Yum Yum Steak Seasoning

    Only steak seasoning I use is salt, pepper, and garlic powder. :love:
  15. John Saldana

    Idea for Soaking Grates

    What works on grill grates, mine are crudded over. :rolleyes:
  16. John Saldana

    Anyone tried these 9mm stainless grates?

    Are these available for the 26" kettle, didn't see anything on their site. :unsure:
  17. John Saldana

    Weber Tri-Power

    I like it, a little paint. :cool:
  18. John Saldana

    Review: Weber Grate Grill Cleaner

    Will this work on Grill Grates :unsure: mine are pretty cruded up.