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  1. Chris Allingham

    Any old CLBB members here?

    Personally, I don’t think this is a useful exercise, but I don’t mind if you continue asking. It’s no skin off my nose.
  2. Chris Allingham

    22” WSM for $26.35?

    This ad has been running on Food Network. I wonder how many people actually get deals like this?
  3. Chris Allingham


    Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! I’m not much for celebrating birthdays anymore but had a little get together with a small group of friends. No presents and no grilling or barbecuing today. :) Best, Chris
  4. Chris Allingham

    Colorado > Silverton: Thee Pits Again BBQ & More

    Thee Pits Again BBQ & More 1157 Green St Silverton, CO 81433 Featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, we stopped here for lunch before catching the Durango & Silverton steam train to Durango. We enjoyed a brisket sandwich, pork ribs, and several sides. Empty when we arrived...
  5. Chris Allingham

    Crazy condiments dispenser!

    Looked it up. Nope, it's intended for smooth condiments. "Any liquid condiments such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, ranch, mayonnaise, vinegar, chocolate syrup, etc. can be dispensed from the Condiment Cow. Chunky condiments (relish, salsa, etc) do NOT work well."
  6. Chris Allingham

    Crazy condiments dispenser!

    I think it's a fun idea for a barbecue restaurant!
  7. Chris Allingham

    Crazy condiments dispenser!

    Thumbs up or down?
  8. Chris Allingham

    Seeking Handgun Insight

    Yes, let's move on. :)
  9. Chris Allingham

    Utah > Moab: The Blu Pig

    The Blu Pig 811 S Main St Moab, UT 84532 Visited The Blu Pig for lunch at about 2:30pm on a recent weekday, not many people were there. I intended to get a brisket sammie but saw a burnt end sammie on the menu that said it was cut from the point. I quizzed the waiter...
  10. Chris Allingham

    Seeking Handgun Insight

    Please watch the tone of your replies. You can make this point in a way that's less confrontational and without being a dick in the process.
  11. Chris Allingham

    Utah > St. George: Big Lud's BBQ

    Big Lud's BBQ 185 N Bluff St St. George, UT 84770 Food truck doing Texas-style barbecue in a gravel parking lot with outdoor tables but no shade--hot, Hot, HOT! Big Lud's also does catering. We ordered a brisket sammie, a pulled pork sammie, and a small mac &...
  12. Chris Allingham

    What is your opinion?

    This is a tricky subject. As a forum operator, I lean towards helpful, constructive, friendly conversation. We often hear people say these days, "we can disagree without being disagreeable," and I think that should be true on any online forum. However, it's well documented that online...
  13. Chris Allingham

    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    I can't speak for all brands, but I know Kingsford is not done that way, they're pressed in a rolling press machine and pop out loose before drying.
  14. Chris Allingham

    California > Bakersfield: Firestone Grill

    Firestone Grill 3501 California Ave Bakersfield, CA 93309 I've written about Firestone Grill in San Luis Obispo in the past and had a chance to visit the location in Bakersfield just off Hwy 99. Same great tri-tip sammies...
  15. Chris Allingham

    New Grill---Already rust spots on door

    Were those surfaces covered with a removable protective plastic film? Maybe a clear adhesive residue that’s changing color?
  16. Chris Allingham

    About our guests (here on the BB)

    Yes, this! 👆 Search engines crawling and indexing forum posts.
  17. Chris Allingham

    Labor Day Special: Thermapen ONE 30% off
  18. Chris Allingham

    Winner: TVWB News Prize Drawing for July 2023

    Congratulations to Allen Hopkins from Pennsylvania! He won a TVWB patch cap in the TVWB News prize drawing for July 2023. You can win, too, by subscribing to TVWB News. Already a subscriber? You’re automatically entered in our drawings!
  19. Chris Allingham

    25% off any one ThermoWorks item

    Discount automatically applied to the highest priced item in your shopping cart, can't be combined with other promotional codes...