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    End caps for wheels on new OTG

    Hey W. The ones you need are 3/8 Axel Nuts. Home Depot and Lowes both sell them in the fastener section. Neither seem to sell black plastic ones like Weber uses - but they usually have red, white, and metal ones. Home depot's metal axel nuts are shaped like little top hats _|--|_ while lowes...
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    Wood chunks. Combination or just one kind

    2 chunks of hickory and 4 chunks of apple or cherry or peach or 3 chunks of cherry and 3 chunks of peach (this is my winning combo right now) if i'm not catering and want something different, i'll go apple and maple, or maple and pecan, or hickory plus any other fruit wood (with the ration...
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    Is Covering the Grill OK

    i never ever cover mine or leave the vents open. i've never had a problem with grate rust or moisture in the kettle.
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    Speaking of Knives, how do you sharpen yours?

    i have a lansky that i use on my pocket knives i take my globals to a local shop about once per year and he sharpens them for 7 bucks per blade. i haven't had to get kiwis sharpened yet.
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    Excess Serrano Peppers - Suggestions wanted

    my one serrano plant only produced about 15 peppers, but OMFG they're so much hotter than last year's serranos. i'm assuming the hot dry weather worked to my peppers favor.
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    a third of the price and a tenth of the quality. victorinix knives are rock solid and affordable. the 12" slicer is the go-to knife for a LOT of bbq teams AND a lot of professional chefs. A bread knife will work, but it won't be a pretty cut.
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    Post a pic of your Pet (Dog) *****

    cute bostons gene! i love that breed. mine is sleeping on my lap right now.
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    Pork Butt Preparation - Trim Off Fat Layer Prior to Smoke?

    i think your tenderness was a factor of not cooking it enough vs trimming too much. i've done several comparisons of trimming off the huge fat cap - i couldn't tell the difference in the meat. However I COULD tell the difference on the grates and in the water pan.
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    Older 26.75 question

    if the grill has the one-touch system, yes you can. I don't know if its the same size as the 22 or not though. It may or may not require some simple modification to the leg sockets. if the grill has the daisy wheel vents, you can't upgrade.
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    Ed Reilly's Weber Collection WOW

    does the 62 catalog say 1962 on it anywhere?
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    Custom Weber

    I absolutely love the chain mounting system!!! Great looking set up!
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    Brian O'Neal's Wooden Handles

    Dude that cabinet is wicked cool! Did you custom build it, or is everything retrofitted?
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    weber rotisserie ring and Cajun Bandit

    indirect, yes, but that smoke is from an open flame. Which means you're not getting that nice thin blue smoke - your chunks are on fire.
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    I was inspired by the lights

    Does your 'Vilion already have electricity? Or is that something you'll have to add?
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    Help with year

    That was the inspiration for the other one :) I just made it cover non-date coded grills :)
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    Help with year

    if it has patent pending on the vent, it's a super late 68, a 69, or a 70. Do you have pics? I love the avocado grills!! how to determine the age of vintage weber grill
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    Tuesday Night's Cutting Edge!

    dang jim. heal fast!! it wasn't your salt pinching finger was it?
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    What era is this Weber?

    late 70s................
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    Rare Weber Kettle. Pre-1960?

    How many wood dale's have you seen? All 4 of the ones i've seen had the typical vent placement. The older 22's with the vent to the side (that i've seen) didn't have wood dale or paletine on the vent, they simply had 'chicago'
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    America's Test Kitchen, WSM

    i'm not convinced that the water in the water pan doesn't have an effect on the moisture of the food. however I never use water because I can't really tell the difference