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  1. Darrell O

    I've got some serious catching up to do...

    Wow looks like the end of winter was well spent.
  2. Darrell O


    Nice job. It's great to see some German food on the forum.
  3. Darrell O

    Fin and Turf

    Wow that looks fantastic.
  4. Darrell O

    Brisket on Brisket

    Matt-I've done that too!
  5. Darrell O

    Brisket on Brisket

    I bought a couple of briskets today-one for me and one for my neighbor. I trimmed them, injected and rubbed. I plan on cooking the briskets first thing in the morning. I dug my WSM out of the snow pile and saw this. The water pan is filled with a frozen mass of smoky water and pork fat. This...
  6. Darrell O

    Christmas goose!

    That sounds tricky. The duck will take a while to come to temp, while the goose dries out. Why not cook the duck breast separately and put them in the goose when you serve. Good luck, Darrell
  7. Darrell O

    Maple Cured Hickory Smoked Peppered Back Bacon

    Bob, That looks fantastic. Regards, Darrell
  8. Darrell O

    December Ribs on the Mini

    Great look ribs Rich and nice green grass. My grass is covered with 8 inches of snow. Regards, Darrell
  9. Darrell O

    Maple Orange Duck

    Bill-that looks fantastic. I've been cooking potatoes in duck fat the last couple of months and I can't stop. Nice to see others cooking in the snow last night. Regards. Darrell
  10. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    John-I buy fresh ducks from BJs. Lately I've been following Mike Vrobel's recipe for Duck with Maple Syrup Glaze. Score the breast skin in a diamond pattern so the fat can come out. Salt (4tsp kosher) and pepper (1tsp) the duck and let sit in the fridge overnight to dry brine. Set up the...
  11. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    Chris-I agree smoky drippings are tasty, but I find the amount of drippings and quality is often inconsistent. The two birds I cooked on Thanksgiving had very little drippings so I was glad I planned ahead and made make ahead gravy for a crowd.
  12. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    Gary, The temperature control issue was more out of forgetfulness. I grill and smoke several times a week, but only breakout the rotisserie every couple of months. I used to forget that the Weber rotisserie ring creates more air leaks and that I need to choke down the bottom damper more than...
  13. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    Sort of-I harvested the duck from BJs.
  14. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    That's my friend Curtis and the jars are filled with make ahead gravy. I can never seem to collect drippings on the grill for gravy. However, I am getting good at cooking potatoes in duck drippings under the rotisserie.
  15. Darrell O

    Shrimp and Tuna

    Well done sir. The shrimp and tuna look fantastic.
  16. Darrell O

    Rotisserie Cooks

    I'm falling in love again with my rotisserie again--it took a while until I could control the temperature. I cooked one turkey for Thanksgiving on the rotisserie and I just did another duck tonight. I cannot have enough duck on the grill. It is truly a gift from Heaven. Plus you get to enjoy...
  17. Darrell O


    If duck is done between 170 and 180 what temp does the turkey on the outside reach?
  18. Darrell O

    Now that's a turkey!!

    The food industry really needs to cut back on the growth hormones.
  19. Darrell O

    turkey on the rotisserie question

    I've done many rotisserie birds and yes you do want to cook the turkey indirectly. Mike Vrobel of Dad Cooks Dinner has a good description on how to setup the grill. A word of caution, I find that things tend to cook a...
  20. Darrell O

    What kind of wood is good for a brined turkey?

    I cook over maple charcoal and use just a 2-inch piece of apple for smoke. The combination is heavenly. Don't go too heavy with the smoke and turkey until you figure out the amount of smoke you like after a few turkey cooks. Good luck.