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    Just curious as to why you didn't use the WSM vs oven?
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    Simple Hot-Smoked Salmon

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought fish was a no-no for the Smokey Mountain!
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    Smoked chicken on the WSM and brine.

    Frustrated---Brined and smoked 7 chicken breasts [boneless/skinless] but could not get them done! Smoked at about 275 Degrees for almost 2 hours. Internal temp could only reach about 145. What the heck is wrong?
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    Any difference in gens?

    Great point. I should have mentioned that over the years I had scraped it, washed it and put replacement parts in where needed. Didn't want to move it because I have new grill fever.
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    Any difference in gens?

    Thanks Chris. We moved and I got rid of my ancient Weber smoker and kettle. Now I need to re-load.
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    Any difference in gens?

    What is the latest model; and when will the next model become available?
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    My version of a wsm-table

    Love this set up and wish I could buy one just like it. Previous cart threads have referenced using old performer carts and dropping in the WSM. I've been searching for an old performer to use as a smoker cart. I have an 18" WSM, but if the performers are 22" how is that going to work out...
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    My version of a wsm-table

    Late to the party, but WOW! Gotta have one of these. Bet you could get plenty of deposits to accumulate a nice order
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    cajun bandit smoker extension

    Thanks Robert. Probably explains the handles
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    cajun bandit smoker extension

    Curious as to why yours had handles and mine didn't.
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    The door gaps are "designed that way" - I had to share this

    Not yet, too many beers, not enough daylight. I have similar priorities.
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    cajun bandit smoker extension

    Good looking stuff Robert. I just got the CB stacker for my 18.5 WSM so that I can expand my rib smoking capacity. But, seems that lifting handles are going to be a necessary addition. Got any tips for dummies and the mechanically challenged?
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    Memphis-Style "Dry" Spares

    Born and raised in Memphis. Their rub and the rub from Corky's BBQ [among a gillion others] are available in grocery stores here and the restaurants also ship. My preference is Corky's fwiw.
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    Used - Maverick ET-733 - $45.00 shipped

    William, Are you sill trying to sell this? Thanks, Danny Odom Southaven, MS
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    Did I ruin my butts?

    You were right! Thank goodness I pulled and sampled after they finally reached 195-200. Two of the three were about as good as always. The third was not so bad, but perhaps a bit tougher than the other two. Pardon the pun, but I needed this place to vent.
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    Did I ruin my butts?

    Smoking 3 butts. After about 3 hours of struggling to get smoker temp up above 225, I added some unlit Kingsford charcoal. I noticed an unusual smell while adding the charcoal. The temps finally got up to my smoking range [230-240 for me], but then I noticed soot covering the butts. Turns...
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    More Smoked Chicken

    Chicken looks awesome. I tried 2 whole chickens [butterflied] yesterday for the first time, but they did not have nearly as nice a look to them as yours. I marinated and maybe should have brined instead. What was your cooking time?
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    What do you do with the lid?

    Following all the great tips that I found here, I use the oil drip pan.
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    Temperature difference

    It has, indeed, started to even out with the grate temp at 239 and the dome temp now at 243. What a great smoker. I believe its time to just go to bed, dream about BBQ, and let the WSM do its thing. Thanks for all the comments.
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    Temperature difference

    I tried reversing the probes from one unit to the other, and got the same result. Based on the tips from the forum, I am using a cork for the probe on the grate and making sure the tip is not touching the grate. And for the dome, I have it skewed a little so that it does not touch the dome...