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    Can I fit all of this on my WSM?

    I did two briskets and two pork butts. I pulled it off but I won't do it again lol. VERY hard to keep temperature up!
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    Just made a 48" Offset smoke...a question

    I will place some pics up soon. The goal with it is to sell pulled pork and brisket on a bun during the many festivals and event in Kelowna, BC during the summer. True BBQ is unheard of here so it will be a smash hit! Today is going to be my fist fire up day (just to cure the inside and test...
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    Any bbq gone wrong stories out there?

    My first real smoke was a tiny off set smoker made by Charbroil $99 CND and a great 'starter' rig. First smoke I unknowingly got insta light briquettes. Oh my god is that gross.... Smoked pork marinated in lighter fluid was the nights feast PUKE. The next smoke I got the proper briquettes...
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    WSM and cold weather cooking

    Hey question... does that tent come with the girl you use in the winter?? (Re: Picture) LOL
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    Broken 22" handle :(

    Thanks Frank!
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    Broken 22" handle :(

    Grrrr..... number not available in Canada. Welcome to life as a Canadian BBQer :/
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    Broken 22" handle :(

    Thanks a lot
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    Broken 22" handle :(

    I broke the handle off my fire access door (for lack of a better description).... anyone know the best (fastest) way to get warranty?? Online via pictures or do I need to send in and wait? Thanks in advance for advice
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    HH Brisket Question

    Ya pay no attention to heat when foiling
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    Smoker attacked by a bear

    Clark: Most of those fighters have already lost in UFC previously. I just thing the talent and atheletic level is lacking in hvy weight. Larry: I will be really excited to see Fedor fight Lesnar and also see him fight Bobby Lashley... Dana is guarenteed he will sign Fedor this year! Fedor...
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    Smoker attacked by a bear

    *No thread steal intended* but.... Especially with other guyz like Bobby Lashley(265) and Bob Sapp (350Lbs). But then again do we really want to water down the weakest weight class talent wise, even more?!? Opps... man am I off topic
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    Smoker attacked by a bear

    You sure the bear wasn't just Lesnar all jacked up on Coors Lite and hungry??? LMAO
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    When do you add your rub to ribs?

    I use a mustard slather to help set the rub. I let the ribs sit out for an hour or so until the mustard goes tacky. This really helps make a crust I find.
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    Canada day butt smoke

    Fatties are soooo good!!! My recent favorite is bratwurst stuffed with smoked jalepenos, sun dried tomatoes and cream cheese.
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    High Heat Method for Brisket

    I don't know why the HH brisket thread isn't stickied?? Stickie PLS!!
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    Best Dang Steak Technique i have found

    Tried this....very good!! It is salty mind you but I liked it that way.
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    Beef Short Ribs?

    I would imagine Larry's version comes out 'less than' well done aswell... most people grill (direct heat) short ribs. I have done it both ways, I like them grilled and slow smoked. Its just fun to change it up
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    Barbecuing Addiction

    Ditto all the above. The first couple weeks I had to actually invite (convince) people to come for our ritual BBQ Sunday.... Now its a question of turning very disappointed people away or negotiating exchange of boating privileges for guaranteed BBQ invites LMAO!! Life is good!
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    Cool Score I made...

    I would put a pic of the bag and chips up if I knew how to post pictures?!?
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    Cool Score I made...

    That would be a deadly idea Dave.. but it may mask the tobasco flavor in the wood. Gotta do it st8 up first so I can see what the flavored wood will really do for flavor. Apparently the barrels are used for 20 years+ before they are retired so they should have soaked up alot of taste!!