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  1. TonyS T-Bone

    I will just leave this here

    I can't stop staring at this...
  2. TonyS T-Bone

    Thor’s Hammer!

    Saw the beef shank on sale at local grocer so I asked for a whole one (7-8 pounds) vs sawed into osso buco like cuts. On sale, choice, 1.99 LB. Smoked w hickory 4 hours, then wrapped and cooked at 275 for another 6! Cold and snowy in Chicago today. I served on platter w chips, jalapeno, guac...
  3. TonyS T-Bone

    Found my unicorn. Not sure if it’s worth it to restore.

    I am the proud owner of three Juniors - two are done and going on the market soon. The third will get a full restore and kept for use!
  4. TonyS T-Bone

    Would you spin a turkey in zero degrees?!

    I am trying this NYE! Nice.
  5. TonyS T-Bone

    Would you spin a turkey in zero degrees?!

    hahahaha. Well.... :cautious: I wound up parking the 22 in the "alee" position with my garage blocking a steady 10-20 mph mph wind. I used Kingsford Pro in the SnS. With water in the tank. No roto. I had a really tough time keeping the kettle temp above 225 IDK why. Prob b/c outdoor ambient...
  6. TonyS T-Bone

    Would you spin a turkey in zero degrees?!

    Thx for input everyone, I thought about keeping the LP tanks indoors until ready to cook, but at zero degrees…ugh. I may butcher the turkey and cook the breast over charcoal on my new 22. If brutal weather, i have 2 ovens in the kitchen and an air fryer. It may be time to give the outdoor...
  7. TonyS T-Bone

    Would you spin a turkey in zero degrees?!

    My (Chicago) weekend menu is (was?) planned to include spinning a 14 pound bird and roast a prime tenderloin, and numerous veggies etc. on my gassers. Now Mother Nature is bringing Snowmageddon and below-zero temps in on Thus-Friday. Wife says I’m nuts and I need intervention from tvwbb!! Thoughts?
  8. TonyS T-Bone

    WEBR earnings call was this AM. Ouch

    Weber reported dismal annual earnings this morning. The company lost $330 million for the fiscal year ended Sept. 30. Net sales were down about 20% year over year to almost $1.6 million.
  9. TonyS T-Bone

    Thinking right or wrong ?

    I've seen recipes in Weber cookbooks for bread, cookies and even cake! Treat it like an oven and don't be opening the lid and peaking too frequently! I would call it grilling I guess. Here's's turkey breast recipe...
  10. TonyS T-Bone

    Do KBB get stale?

    I have had a hard time keeping good temps with Slow n Sear 22" kettle smokes using older bags of Kingsford briquettes. I loaded up on KBB over the past year or two and as I get deeper into the stockpile, I get this weird feeling that they get stale, damp, old, or "past their expiration date."...
  11. TonyS T-Bone

    Weber Genesis 1200 Skyline grill

    Yep. The first thing in the condiment rack should be PAM original cooking spray. Works wonders. For a day anyway!
  12. TonyS T-Bone

    I will just leave this here

    I buy z bar stock from McMaster Carr - only warning is regarding paint. It is not easy to paint aluminum z bars. "Ask me how I know." Now I just leave 'em n@ked. BUT If I really did it right, I would follow these steps: 1. Clean, clean, clean and degrease 2. Sand w successive grits 3. Self...
  13. TonyS T-Bone

    Fat separator

    Moving back to the fat seperator, I picked up a $15 Vondior from Amazon. Drains from the bottom. Now it comes with a free peeler! Fat Separator With Bottom Release, 4 Cup Gravy Separator for Cooking with Oil Strainer, Kitchen Gadgets Grease Separator Packaged with a 3-in-1 Multifunctional...
  14. TonyS T-Bone

    What's the price of gas where you live?

    Chicago Sam's Club $3.99 gal, otherwise suburbs $4.50-$4.70-ish. Downtown area gets brutal, starting at $5.50-ish Generally , prices up $.25 over the last month
  15. TonyS T-Bone

    Traveler in Colors for 2023 model year

    It's a lot of fun. I am there twice a year, usually for Indy Car and one vintage sports car weekend. I missed the tvwbb Midwest Meet-up b/c I was at Elkhart Lake (Road America) last year. Here's some "travelers" color - Road America in mid-October. America's National park for Speed!
  16. TonyS T-Bone

    Chucks down and so am I!

    Chucks are great on the smoker, and like Richard I pull them, earlier before meat starts shredding - AND - I LOVE Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce!
  17. TonyS T-Bone

    New Dog Pics - Post Pics Of Your Best Friend!

    Meet Pootie, the pomeranian teddy bear.
  18. TonyS T-Bone

    New “old” Genesis owner

    Solid grill. I just did a Gen 1 and it was a dream to restore. Id love another G 1-5 flip
  19. TonyS T-Bone

    Greetings from Hamilton, MT

    Hi Lindy, welcome and wow that's a tough nut to crack. Have you thought about a veggie grill pan? Something like THIS? You'd need something low profile, and probably want to avoid those with non-stick coatings.
  20. TonyS T-Bone

    Wood for Slats

    Its a soft wood, finished all sides. I thought I would give it a coating of stain sealer prep. Then stain w "Natural." Then I would put on 2 or 3 layers of spar varnish. Lee I don't understand the comment about it being structural? meaning things will be set upon it?