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  1. Colin

    SlowNSear Deluxe or Weber Charcoal Baskets?

    Oh man, look at that! That looks delicious Richard. (y) (y)
  2. Colin

    Smoked Meatloaf

    Looks great to me. Thanks for the Lipton soup tip. I'm sure it is really good. (y)
  3. Colin

    Temperature in 14.5 not over 200

    I can't add anything to the good advice above but would like to congratulate you on some fantastic looking ribs!
  4. Colin

    Sunday Funday (lodge grill rehab and garden prep)

    I would love to find one of those used. You did good Brandon.
  5. Colin

    Outdoor tent/canopy suggestions

    We had a 10 x 10 canopy on our deck before replacing with a full blown sunroom. It had a steel frame that screwed to the deck and removable fabric. It made the south facing deck livable in the summer. November first I would remove the fabric and store it until April first. If I remember...
  6. Colin

    New Toys for the 22 Weber kettle

    That looks like the Divide and Concor from a Kamado Joe. I have the Classic so I need to check that out.
  7. Colin

    New Weber accessory

    Well, OK. How about a pizza pan on top of your Vortex. They missed the boat and will probably not sell many at that price. C'mon Weber!
  8. Colin

    Catheter Cardiac Ablation Yesterday

    G!ad you are home and in good hands, Lew. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  9. Colin

    A Fun Pork Butt Cook

    Ooo Baby, that looks good.
  10. Colin

    Congrats to KC!

    What a game! They are definitely getting crazy in KC tonight. Lots of fireworks. Another cool thing is the Champs will be hosting the NFL Draft.
  11. Colin

    Spotted on TV...

  12. Colin

    1st Brisket on the Akorn Auto Kamado

    That brisket looks really good, Rick. I had an Akorn and it was a cooking machine!
  13. Colin

    Do blower fans really make that much of a difference?

    Mike, you should not use any more fuel with an automatic temp controller than without. I have the SmokeX and Billows and honestly never use it. Like you said, once dialed in, temps are stable and need very little attention. Sounds like you have your WSM figured out so you may want to save your...
  14. Colin

    New girl from Denver

    Welcome Hannah. You are going to love this forum for everything Weber. Members are just as friendly and helpful as that other forum.😀
  15. Colin

    14.5" WSM Find on CL

    Knowing how nice the 14.5 WSM is, the wait for me would be unbearable.
  16. Colin

    Limited-Edition 70th Anniversary Kettle Collection - Price Cut

    Same here, but it is tempting to have one in the box. I'll just wait for the 75th Year Edition.
  17. Colin

    Weber Rotisserie Kit for 22 Inch Kettle

    I got the OnlyFire rotisserie for Christmas from Amazon for $115. I had been looking for one for a while and thought $235 for the Weber was just too much for what you get. I'm very happy with the OnlyFire. It fits the kettle pretty well and the motor is almost silent.
  18. Colin

    Pulled the Trigger on A New Performer

    Congratulations Darrel! Any idea when it arrives?
  19. Colin

    ThermoWorks: Save up to 60% on closeout items

    Thanks for the Heads Up, Chris.
  20. Colin

    Three pound meatloaf

    My mom used to put green olives in meat loaf, good stuff. I honestly think I could get by with just my 14.5 WSM and Q1200.