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  1. Jim Lampe

    Who’d a thunk…

  2. Jim Lampe

    Who’d a thunk…

    Haven’t been keeping up with yawl this winter… The sides of the pigvilion got destroyed mid December in the wind and zero degree temps… tough cooking/smoking outside in the strong winter winds… No excuses just plain ol’ laziness Hope yawl are doing well
  3. Jim Lampe

    Who’d a thunk…

    Scorched Hebrew National’s 1/4 lb beef dogs on Pretzilla buns with cheddar, dill relish and garlic kraut mustard & a side of asparagus with sautéed onions. Got all that? Thanks for swingin’ by
  4. Jim Lampe

    Who’d a thunk…

    Nothing outrageous…
  5. Jim Lampe

    Who’d a thunk…

    …I’d be grilling on a gorgeous spring evening in Raymond on a GAS GRILL! But here I am…
  6. Jim Lampe

    Thank You Chris!

    Love the hat, tho I may not wear it well.
  7. Jim Lampe

    Arlo and Janis 07Feb23

  8. Jim Lampe

    How Would You Discourage Coyotes From Entering Your Back Yard?

    as far as not supplying food for other wildlife (birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer i.e.) i have been feeding wildlife on our property for the last 32 years and only once (1 TIME) did i see a coyote on my property and that was just before Christmas. Motion lights i heard work. edit: i also have...
  9. Jim Lampe

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    In Chris’ defense… it was the BrewCrew vs. California, not the A’s
  10. Jim Lampe

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    here's a photo (kinda) of @Chris Allingham .... can you find him?
  11. Jim Lampe

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    it was... back in 2011?
  12. Jim Lampe

    Miss you all

    hope you're doing well @Joan my computer shows 4 pages... but not reading them all, so sincerely hope life is better now since last friday! i'll include you in my tri-daily prayers for improved health and happiness!
  13. Jim Lampe

    January 1st, 2023 🥳

    Happy New Year everybody! Smoke On!
  14. Jim Lampe


    get use to it. 45 years ago, a 6 pack of beer cost under a buck. as you age, good prices age also. besides, you're making more money now than you ever have, so suck it up.
  15. Jim Lampe

    Weber and FedEx

    that's the United States Postal Service claim... FedEx stands for something much worse
  16. Jim Lampe

    Weber and FedEx

    i had the same problem, fortunately New Berlin is a few miles from here so i drove there to retrieve my delivery... that really f***ed them up... yeah, FedEx sucks.
  17. Jim Lampe

    anyone in Wisconsin...

    ... i have a new-never-used-out-of-the-package Weber 99915 vinyl cover for 22" WSM. FREE. ...and I'll deliver it within 50 miles of Raymond. just donate $10 or more to the Hurricane Ian Disaster Fund of Sanibel / Captiva Island Even if you don't need a cover for your smoker, the donation is...
  18. Jim Lampe

    Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller