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    Greetings from Vermont

    Hi, check the insides of the knobs to make sure they are not stripped. Next, make sure there is enough clearance to push the knob in then turn the valve. The valves generally won’t turn until pushed in Keep us posted…
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    Hello from Overland Park, KS

    Welcome Feng
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    Weber Genesis S330 - Door Pins Rotted.

    I don’t have any pictures. My thought would be to study the rear panel for ideas. Something like a panel that hooks and hangs on tabs or a lip.
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    Weber Genesis S330 - Door Pins Rotted.

    I would try to get another free grill as a donor. The frames disassemble fairly easily. Please note that the burner orientation has to be the same for the frames to match up. Alternatively, you could weld in a leg piece. It would require some good fabrication skills to get everything to match...
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    Can I change out this quick connect to an ACME nut on my regulator?

    I would use them if I were away from any structures and was going to use them quickly. People will take them for free if you don’t want to deal with them
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
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    Seized q3200 valves

    Hi Richard, Could you please take a picture of the the grill. Assuming you are in Australia the grill may look quite different than what is offered in the States. Thank you
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    Michigan Griller Here

    Welcome Chad
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    Your most valuable piece of gear for Winter Grilling is?

    Shovel and snowbrush
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    Converting a gas grill to charcoal - Pros? Cons? Anyone done it and satisfied? Heads-ups?

    I got a few grills where the people gave up on gas and just fill it with charcoal and cook away. Looks like you need to leave the lid open to keep the fire going. It doesn’t seem to affect the cast aluminum firebox.
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    Your favorite soda/pop growing up

    Fanta or Cott or some store brand that was bottled probably by Polar Tonic or Soda. Pop is not used in most of New England
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    2009 Weber Genesis w/side burner

    Hi, The original OEM part would be best but your grill is getting old. You could use some type of Y or T fitting to split the propane delivery. So tank to regulator to split fitting. You can use rubber hoses as long as you stay clear of the firebox
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    Outdoor Temperature and Propane Tank Fuel Level Reading

    I don’t really understand how that tank gauge would work the same for everyone since temperature appears the affect pressure. So it looks like weight is the only measure 20lb tank
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    2022 Genesis burner knobs...sad

    Hi Chris, the knob sizes increased dramatically from 2014ish in relation to the valve stem. Pre 2014 the valves were all brass with a thick stem and now the valves are a die cast with thin iron stems. So I see more stripped knobs and bent stems on the front control grills. Maybe the trade off...
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    Summit S-650 Thoughts

    Something like this
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    Summit S-650 Thoughts

    Little crimp connectors. You can get them at the hardware store with a shrink sleeve or high temp electrical tape
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    I will just leave this here

    Regular steel cabinet on the Genesis Platinum.
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    I will just leave this here

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    Summit S-650 Thoughts

    I don’t think the wire has connectors You can splice in a wire and use heat shrinks to cover the splice and provide insulation