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    Stoker Probes...anyone have details on adopting the serial number?

    Has anyone been able to find a source for replacement of temperature probes for rocks bbq stoker?
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    Upgrading Stoker Blower Size

    I keep,seeing that rocks is till supporting customers with probs etc. how do I get in contact with them to get new probes? Thank you steve
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    What bbq smoker temperature control unit is the best for the $ ? With WiFi, pit blower fan and meat and pit probes.

    Unable to get replacement parts for stoker so I need advice on other units
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    I need a replacement fan (large) and 1 pit probe and 2 meat probes for rocks bbq stoker

    How do I get replacement probes and a large fan for my Rocks Bar b que stocker?
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    Stokerlog Version 6

    doesnt recognize fan running win 7 pro
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    Stokerlog Version 6

    i have 2 problems with this 1. i get ann error message of framework " unhandled exception has occurred in your application. if you click continue the application will ignore this and attempt to continue if you click quite the application will close immediatley. accesss to the...
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    iphone help

    how do i / can i access the stoker log from work with my i phone. can i access the stoker log with iphone when at a comp
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    stoker log problem

    walk me through the process. old computer the program works the new program running windows 7 has error message
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    stoker log problem

    program will not work i am getting an error message "Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the applic ation will ignor this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediatly. Access to the path C:\program...
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    Chicken in Comps.

    jeff i am a cook and a cbj and i agree with dale. i dont know who taught you how to judge - but i dont want any of my turn in boxes any where near you or others that are using those techniques you are using. just take a bite. i have never had raw chicken at a comp - but you will know if you...
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    Stoker problems

    i do use the stoker log
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    Stoker problems

    i dont know what firm ware version i have. how do i find out what version i have?
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    Can’t get passed go

    I have a linksys wireless G ethernet bridge. when home where i have wireless internet i type in the 192.`68.--- and it works with my stoker. if i go to a comp will the same process work?
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    Stoker problems

    the last few times i used my stoker i had a fan problem. sbout 4 hours into the cook he fan stopped running and temp dropped below the target temp. required me resetting the stoker. any ideas. also would like about a 3 foot extention cord for the fan and yes i have the 10cfm fan. also had...
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    ping amir

    I would like the istructions to v5 of the stoker log. Steve
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    stoker log by amir

    the warm function did not work - what went wrong I had the stoker set to 270 i checked the box to have the stoker go to the warming stage when the meat reached 200. i went to bed - when i got up the meat was at 202 and the smoker was at 270 and the fan was going full bore. what went wrong steve
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    stoker help needed

    the stoker status is on screen but when i try to use Amir's stoker log i cant log the error msg is "cant open stoker interface."
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    StokerLog Version 5 Preview

    do you have the bugs out yet? am interested in this program. steve