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    Royal Oak Charcoal

    Lowes here in Lanc are sold out, but still some available in the York area stores, and Harrisburg area stores. 15.4 lb. Bags on clearance for $4.99
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    Dale's Apple Pie Shots

    You can do it at room temp in an air tight vessel. I drink it ice cold. This stuff is rockin good.:D Thanks for posting this Dale.:cool:
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    R.I.P. - 12+ Year old BBQ Guru Competitior

    Wade, that Guru looks in great shape. My glow in the dark greenish one is all wore off and faded, mine is going on 15 years old, and still works great. As mentioned contact the Guru folks, bet they can/will give you a good deal on a new one.
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    1st attempt @ bacon- not good

    That's the correct ratio of Tender Quick to pound of meat ratio. You are just probably more sensitive too salt than most of us. May I suggest that you soak the cured bacon, before smoking, the next time instead of just rinsing. Soak the cured, un smoked bacon, at the rate of changing the water...
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    Roadside Chicken

    As do I. :) Thanks to all for the kind words. :cool:
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    not getting alot of grill marks.. need help

    I'll chime in here. 11 minutes preheat is no where near enough time, on, for the Spirit (IMO). My Summit Gold D I would preheat for at least 20-30 min. I would do a minimum of 20 minutes for the pre heat. As mentioned let sit about 2 min before rotating and remember to move the steak to another...
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    The Year Old Brisket: The Effects of Prolonged Wet-Aging

    I've done 4 months past the use by date on a vac sealed flat from BJ's. Let me tell you it tasted fine. Mr. Kruger and I emailed back and forth about wether it would be good or not before opening the cryo vac. We both agreed that it should be ok. Just remember one thing, your nose will tell you...
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    Question about rib racks

    I'm with you. Ditch the rubbers and load em up. :wsm:
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    Free 464°F Spatula From ThermoWorks

    What a Hoot;) Phunny stuff Chris. Thermoworks has some very nice products. Been using their Therma Pen for over 10 years, never even had to replace the battery yet. :cool:
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    So... anyone old enough to remember me?

    Keri, Keri, After all these years, the only cornbread recipe I use is yours. Wondering if you still have the Goldwing? Take care.
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    Dale's Apple Pie Shots

    I just made up a batch of this on Saturday. I used 192 proof Polish Vodka that I get in New Jersey. Can't hardly wait for the 6 weeks to be up!:o
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    Substitute for Canned Baked Beans in Barbie's BBQ Beans?

    Here you go Jody enjoy.
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    Question on the 3-2-1 rib method

    The 3-2-1 method is for baby backs cooked at a constant 225 no higher.
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    Roadside Chicken

    Hi All. I thought I would do a drive by here and post a reply. Glad to see everyone is still making this one. Take care all and happy grilling. Bryan S :wsm:
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    Jillian Jenson If you have ever been bullied in your life, then you can relate. If you never have been bullied, then I'll tell you that you are lucky, and please trust me when I say this you have no idea what it's like, but Jillian God Bless her soul, will show you JUST HOW PAINFUL IT REALLY...
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    As they should be, as was I. WOW!!! Always loved Carrie , huge fan of Vince as well. Great vid Brandon, thanks for sharing that with us. Iv'e been trying to give a pre what's going on in this link for several weeks now. I'll link to in my next post. Please stay with me here as It's the most...
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    I'm Ok Thanks for asking. I will try and keep this thread alive as long as I'm able. I'm a sucker for songs and or performances that make me cry. Yeah!, I'm a big Baby. ;)
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    and if there are any nay sayers or Kelly haters out there check out the expressions of the Queen of Country Music as she sits there in AWE of Miss Kelly. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, wow what a performance. Yes I love Kelly because she is pretty, bit man can she sing!!! And she...
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    Tear Jerker's *****

    There are NO WORDS that can describe this performance. The song was origanly sung by Patty Griffin and Kelly sung this on Amrrican Idol gives back. Kelly and one of the GOD's of guitars (one of the gifted few that can make a guitar cry), Jeff Beck plays lead. Yeah the vid is old, and not all...
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    Roadside Chicken

    On page 3 is where I found it. I knew I had posted this somewhere over the years. WSM RS Chicken