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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    I used some stainless steel artistic wire and secured the insert to the rest of the grate. Not permanent in case I change my mind for some reason, but allows for me to remove the grate as usual without worrying about the cutout.
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    WSM 18" & Drum Smokers for sale - Chicago area

    Drum has been sold, WSM still available.
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    WSM 18" & Drum Smokers for sale - Chicago area

    I have both of these for sale, let me know if you have any questions. 18" WSM Drum
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    New Summit Charcoal Grill

    Hi All, I just picked up a brand new WSC off Craigslist for $900. So far, I have smoked pork belly, roasted some chickens, and cooked a few pizzas. Everything has turned out great and I love the cooker, with two exceptions. - Removable center of cooking rack. This is a pain and I don't see...
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    Problem with gas on performer

    Update - I found a weber regulator online at allpartsgrills for $33 shipped. I got that in yesterday and put it on and problems solved. Can't believe how powerful the flame is now. I must have had a failing regulator for some time.
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    Problem with gas on performer

    I have taken the clip off and cleaned everything. I disconnected the regulator hose from the regulator and blew compressed air through that as well. The only thing I can think of is that the regulator isn't providing enough pressure. The Weber part is $47 which is ridiculous. Hoping there is...
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    Problem with gas on performer

    My 2010 performer is acting up lately. When I get the flame lit, it makes a whistling noise of sorts and then goes out fairly quickly. It seems as if it isn't getting enough propane. I have a 20# tank attached and tried it with a small disposable tank as well. It happens with both, although it...
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    Do Propane tanks go bad?

    Moved to charcoal grill forum as the problem appears to be with the performer itself.
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    Warrens, WI congrat's

    Come on down to Libertyville, it's going to be warm this year
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    Tennessee > Nashville: Jack's Bar-B-Que

    I went to Jacks on Saturday and it was ok. My wife had pork which was somewhat bland. I had a combo of ribs, turkey, and sausage. The ribs were cooked well, but the membrane was very tough and a big turn off. The sausage wasn't good, but the turkey was very good. Sides were average. Would not go...
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    Frozen meat for comps?

    I almost always cook frozen briskets. Ribs are usually frozen before they hit the store, so I try to buy them still frozen and defrost them before the comp. I have also frozen chicken that I trimmed. Key with all three is that they are in cryovac or vac-sealed. I have cooked frozen butts at home...
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    Injecting Ribs

    I injected ribs at home once and was pleased with the results. I was at a competition last weekend had a set of ribs that were borderline stinky and I injected them. Later, I decided to get new fresh ribs to cook, but didn't have any injection left. So, I will need to try again. I think if you...
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    "State championship"

    I think the idea to call more than one competition in the same state a state championship is ridiculous. But, I understand why the terminology is required (Jack). I would rather it be called a state-sanctioned contest or something, with one competition per year per state given elite Championship...
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    First Comp Question

    KCBS comps have turn in times set 30 minutes apart. This is plenty of time to get everything cut, sauced, boxed, etc. For me, pork takes the longest, followed by ribs, brisket, and chicken.
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    Judging question

    You need six judges per table to get the scoring right. If you have, say 22 teams, you would do something like two tables get six entries and two tables get five entries. All entries are still judged by six judges, but some judges only get to rate five versus six, etc. Make sense?
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    Minion Method With An Afterburner

    You started too much charcoal. It is much easier to raise temps than it is to lower them. I agree that you may have too much air getting in as well. Save money for a wsm. Once you cook on it you will not regret the purchase at all. 350 is just right for a high heat brisket, by the way, just...
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    Ribs and Pork Butt

    If you're worried about oversmoking the butt, you can start with less smoke wood in the beginning and then add it for the ribs and pork later. Or, do what you normally do and then foil the pork when you put the ribs on. Smoke ring will occur with just charcoal, so I don't think that the lack of...
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    Trimmings from St. Louis style spareribs

    Try cooking them whole for 2 hours. Then, cut into servings and mix with apple juice and/or sauce in foil pan and cook for another hour. At that point, try one and go from there. I'd do this at 250.