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    Benefits of butcher paper wrapping a brisket (Franklin style)???

    After thinking about it and also doing some research I went and got some natural brown butchers paper. Non coated and to be tested.....
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    Benefits of butcher paper wrapping a brisket (Franklin style)???

    I've got a couple questions on using freezer paper with the plastic coating. First off is it ok to use this and if so when you wrap do you do plastic side in or out? Thanks in advance.
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    So hot put water in the clay saucer!

    Gary my wsm has a few leaks. A few things to help with higher temps. One thing I do when trying to achieve a lower temp wold be to only light about 6-8 coals in a chimney starter. Also at times I find that I can run my wsm with all intake vents totally closed. With the leaks it still gets air in...
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    Burnt by the long cook

    Often I will wrap a butt in foil once the temps are over 160* to speed things up. Within a couple hours you will be over the hump and I will normally pull between 195-210*. HTH Vince
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    Sure, NOW it rains...

    One thing I have done when getting caught with heavy rains is to use a large piece of aluminum foil. Wrap some around the handle and then tent it over the exhaust vent. Then tuck it under the lid so that half of the lid is covered. Angle this section so the rain is not going directly into the...
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    pork shoulder cooking at different rates?

    Next time tie it with some kitchen twine. I find this keeps them cooking evenly and also seems to make them more moist IMO.
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    Butts done WAY early

    You should have added some AJ to the crock to try to keep the PP moist. Just a thought. Vince
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    The best I can tell you is you might have one area that runs a little hotter than another. This could be caused by wind or more fuel being lit on one side of your fire basket. Some to cook quicker than others and it is what it is. Enjoy your meal and have a great holiday. Vince
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    How much rub to use when pulling pork

    I do like mentioned here and add like salt n pepper when I do add it. Kind of like salting fies just dont go to nuts and taste as you go.
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    6lb Pork Shoulder x 4 !!!

    I actually take my butts/shoulders up to about 200 and always tie them up with kitchen twine. I have found that they cook more evenly doing this and their is very little fat left when I pull them.
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    Rotating ribs

    Tom only use racks when I'm making more than 6 slabs and usually roll and skewer them if only doing 3-4 slabs. Otherwise I lay them flat if space is not an issue. I will use the lower rack for ones I had to cut to get make them fit which in some cases is just a 3-4 bone pieces. Either way get...
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    This just in from Weber

    Mike I have done something similar using my gasser. I however cook/brown/smoke them for about 30-45 minutes with a spice rub on them at about 300*. I do this until they are looking some what cooked but not tender and then foil with about a 1/4 of a beer. All this done in half slab cuts. Cook for...
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    Anyone smoke Kabob's?

    Tim did you smoke them with or without the water pan? The reason I ask is I was thinking of doing them without. Also did you use the top or bottom cooking grate? Thanks Vince
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    Anyone smoke Kabob's?

    I've had a taste for kabobs lately and was wondering if any of you guys toss them on the smoker? I normally make them on my gasser but I think the addition of some smoke might be nice. I was thinking of a high heat cook in my wsm would do the trick. What are your thoughts? TIA Vince
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    Big Butt First attempt at Pic

    I to often run my 18wsm with all three bottom vents closed. I know mine leaks a bit from the vents, door and center section. I often reduce the amount that my exhaust is open to help lower my temps some and its been working great. I always make sure to keep it at least 50% open and always watch...
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    El Gaucho Lump Charcoal

    Mike it looks like you have just a couple of bags in stock!
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    Graduation meal 2011

    Don that is one extreme cook! Looks like a lot of fun right up to the part where you have to pull all that pork. I'm betting all of your hands and arms were hurting after that! I saw a devise that you chuck into a drill that would have been great for doing all of that. Good luck with the party...
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    Corned beef on the wsm?

    Jim I appreciate that but I was looking for recipes and how to's. The pictures did look good from the ones I saw.
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    Corned beef on the wsm?

    With the recent holiday I have been thinking about making a corned beef on my wsm. From reading over the years I think most guys make pastrami with a CB. I believe that you have to soak the CB in order to do this and I also have been craving a Ruben. Lets see what some of the members have been...
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    Beef Eye Round better than Brisket

    I use it to make Chicago style beef sandwiches however I prefer a sirloin roast. You would think that a bbq service could make brisket!