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    Asian style brine/marinade

    This is a marinade/brine I use on chicken a lot. It's based on a recipe by Su-Mei Yu in Fine Cooking about a year or two ago. I never look the recipe up any more, so I'm not sure how much I've deviated from it. Asian Marinade/Brine <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI> 6 cloves garlic, minced <LI> 6 cilantro...
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    Citrus-flavored rubs

    Just a thought, but have you tried Lemon Pepper? It should give you the citrus taste. As a start, try: <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI>2 parts paprika (color, a little sour) <LI>2 parts lemon pepper (citrus, a little heat, a little sour) <LI>1 part brown sugar (for a little sweet) [/list] If you want a...
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    Cooking for 25 people!!!

    You might want to check this thread.
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    Whole shoulders or split?

    To speed things up, you might want to try the Quick Cooking method Chris describes in the recipes section.
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    Stainless Steel Screws

    Chris, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You've got EVERYTHING on this web site, don't you! Thanks, everyone.
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    Stainless Steel Screws

    I remember reading a thread about this last year sometime, but I can't seem to find it. The screws on my WSM are starting to rust a bit, and I wanted to replace them with stainless steel screws. What size(s) do I need, and how many? Any other parts I should pick up while I'm at the store...
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    Rib Racks

    Rocky seemed pretty happy with the Pitts & Spitts rib racks. Personally, for ribs I just roll them - see the picture Chris has at the bottom of the page. For chicken halves, however, I've found rib racks pretty useful.
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    Beer Can Chicken Question

    The one that works best for me is to use poultry scissors and cut the backbone off the chicken while it's on the can. (Essentially, I'm butterflying it after it's cooked, not before.) I run the scissors between the chicken and the can. Once the backbone is removed, it's easy to pull the...
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    Updates on problems and flank steak

    Scott, How did you cook the flank steak? What book was the recipe from? How long and at what temp did you cook the flank steak? Thanks!
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    Weber vs. El Cheapo

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> fish...chicken, turkeys... -- the kettle grill is going to be a better choice... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I hate to disagree with you there, Webb. But... I'll give you hamburgers, steaks, shellfish, and vegetables. But in...
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    Pig Roast

    My understanding is that you can rent large rotisseries. Your friend might want to check out the local yellow pages before buying one. If he's really interested in making his own rotisserie, check the 3 men with nothing better to do web site.
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    What are you cooking for the 4th?

    I've got the in-laws coming over for a 4th of July cookout. I'm going with Spare Ribs, Beer Can Chicken, and a BBQ Cabbage. (And a few lovely beverages...) I can't think of a better way to celebrate our country's birthday. (Well, OK, cooking 109 slabs of baby backs overnight would be a...
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    Ribs per person?

    George, Jim, thanks for the info. Russ, that's my problem too. When I have my in-laws over for a cookout, I use up about the number of slabs that Jim and George talk about - 3 bones to a half slab per person. However, when MY family comes over for a cookout, I need one slab per person...
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    Ribs per person?

    Does anyone have an estimate of how many ribs you should serve per person for 'average' eaters? Or how many people per slab of ribs? Also, what about loin back vs spare ribs? Thanks.
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    BBQ Food Science and Pork Picnic Shoulder (long)

    Coach, Chris: Thanks for the positive comments. Jim: Thanks for the info on Fat - I haven't found anything yet that really explains what's going on with it while we cook. I've read Corriher's "Cookwise" already, and Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here For The Food", and I'm working my way through...
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    BBQ Food Science and Pork Picnic Shoulder (long)

    Since the VWBB doesn't seem to talk about the pork picnic shoulder cut much, I figured I'd post the details of how my cook went. While I was writing it, it turned into a dissertation on the science of barbecue. You've been warned... For some background on my picnic shoulder questions click...
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    Night of one hundred and nine slabs...

    Steve, I read this over at the BBQ Forum, and even though I know how it comes out, I had to read it again. Great story! There were two questions asked on the BBQ Forum that I liked your answers to. Chris asked one of them (how did you fit 7 rolled slabs of ribs on one level of your cooker?)...
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    How many flats

    I've been looking into this kind of thing recently; I just cooked 24lb of pork shoulder for a cookout at work for roughly 40 people. The rule of thumb I've been seeing is to assume 1/2 pound of meat, before cooking, per person. Once cooked, you will lose about half of the weight, so you wind...
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    Reheating pulled pork in crock pot?

    I'm going with the crock pot. Or should I say, pots - I've got 24lb (pre-cooked weight) of pulled picnic shoulder in the fridge at home. I'm going to split it across 4 crock pots; does anyone have any estimates on how long I should reheat it on 'low'? I'm going to mix it with some BBQ sauce...
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    History of southern barbecue

    I saw a link to this site over on the BBQForum, and I thought it might be of interest to some of the people here on the VWBB: BBQ - A Southern Cultural Icon