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    Corn on the Cob (your method)

    i just put them on the grill direct until the husks are nice and burnt up occasionally flipping giving them a pinch every now and then to check for being done. Leif
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    that is terrrible. What a loss. I know its no where near the same, but I had a snow shovel stolen from my yard the other day. and it got me thinking of how I felt some things were just off limits to steal. things like grills, garden hoses, sprinklers, snow shovels and etc.... I guess things are...
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    preparing smoke wood

    next time i am over there I will. its maybe 10 years old not to big. it is in good shape just not harvested well I think there are still apples on it. i just like the idea of free wood. Leif
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    preparing smoke wood

    the tree isn't so much unruly, rather it is just my dad is getting older and lazier and doesn't eat many apples and i like smoking win win Thank you again everyone for the great advice LEif
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    I'm gonna leave it in there till it burns up, or gets tender

    WOW that turned out great!! Leif
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    How did YOU find this site? *****

    I found this site by googling smokers. I couldn't get my vertical cabimet smoker working right. in an attempt to learn to smoke I rushed out and bought the first smoker I could find. I had no idea the WSM even existed. well I finally got a real smoker(WSM) and a couple years and pounds later I a...
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    preparing smoke wood

    My father has an apple tree that he is not maintianing and it seems more of a hassle for him to take care of it and all of the apples and whatnot. I am thinking about helping him take it down or at least grab some limbs and enjoy the apple smoke in my WSM. I have a few questions though, is...
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    Do you consider TVWBB your home site? *****

    There are other bbq sites? I second that! I don't post often but I am here atleast twice a day Leif
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    Kettle fried chicken

    wow! that looks goood.
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    Mold in WSM

    i just turn the mid section upside down and put the lid back on. uncovered, I never get water in the smoker. its always outside. Leif
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    Buying a new grill

    I would spend your money on a weber kettle, any kind. you get the most bang for your buck. I have a 70's era kettle that i got at a rummage and is always in the elements and it works as well as a new one. Leif
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    hickory versus maple

    i've used maple and it is a much lighter smoke flavor than hickory. it is lovely all the same though. Leif
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    `°º¤YUMMY¤º°`Lo-Slo Pork Steaks

    thanks for sharing the food looks great. I just bought some discount pork steaks and wasn't sure what technique to use. now I know Leif
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    What do you do for a living? *****

    I haven't posted for awhile this is as good a place to start again. i run blown film extruders and flexo printers, Along with silkscreening and pad printing. we mostly make and print caution tape and other safety tapes. Leif
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    2-2-1 Baby Back Ribs

    Awesome slideshow. I didn't know a rib cook could be so entertaining.
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    Tuesday's Hanger with grilled veggies

    Ridiculous! i wish my cooks looked that good.
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    Some beef ribs

    they look good. the last time i made beef ribs they rendered down to almost nothing. I had a nice rack of smokey bones though
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    ABTs - Bacon undercooked on one side

    i agree it seems to take forever to crisp the bacon. i started throwing them over the coals VERY CAREFULLY to crisp everything up. let me stress carefully i think my hand and arm hair is finally starting to grow back.
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    "Tower" Roadside Chicken

    jim, you make milwaukee proud.I love it!