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    butter during foiling?

    We use it on certain things and I like it..
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    I use store bought kettle chips that I dump a layer into a cake pan. Drizzle "Kens" store bought bluecheese dressing on the chips. Sprinkle as much bluecheese crumbles that you can stand on top of that. Bake at 350 - 375 until the cheese is melted and serve. Super easy. Dale
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    What do you do for a living? *****

    I had my own small business for 22 years and got out at the right time. For the last 2 1/2 years I have been a Maintenance Mechanic at a large childrens hospital. I take care of all the ORs and Oncology floors.
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    Smoke Ring

    I also cook meats fat side down. I used to trim the fat cap off of butts but finally learned that isnt a good idea. When the butt is done and you peel the fat cap off, that meat is my favoite part.
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    2.5lbs brisket flat help

    I would cook at a higher temp. At least 225. Also cook the meat until tender. 190 will be close but that is just a number, you want tender even if it has to go to 200 plus.
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    Pork Butt stalls are the worst

    Im sure the pork has been done by now but foil is a tool that can keep the meat from looking burnt. Foil it when the desired color is achieved then when it is about finished take it out of the foil and set the bark. B E A utiful.
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    Family favorites

    Wife loves my brisket. Daughter prefers ribs. Son swears by my chicken. Me I like it all.
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    Tried a different smoker

    I know some great cooks that use green wood. I tried and didnt have any luck with it but they have. I like dry and well seasoned too.
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    It's with real sadness...

    Russ congrats on the new smoker.
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    Tried a different smoker

    Premium priced wood? That is a new one for me. Anyhow my opinion is if you know the cooker you are useing it shouldnt make much of a difference. I have used an ECB and made some great ribs. That is one cheap smoker.
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    ENC BBQ Injection?

    Good is good as long as you like it. Ill stick to injecting because I love the flavor im getting. It is a little more work at the beginning but worth the effort. I guess i get a good feeling when I just tear into the meat and find that nothing is needed.
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    Brisket looks dry during the cook?

    Dave R and I think alike it seems. But it isnt Dave and I against the world. My comments are simply my take on BBQ. I will get on top of a mountain and declare that Kevin knows more about food than I do. In fact I would beg him for a great fajita recipe. But I have ideas that again are simply my...
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    ENC BBQ Injection?

    Chicken broth? Wow, that is a new idea that would make some folks on here cringe. Love it. I have tried injecting with a bunch of V. Turned out horrible for me.
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    Favortie pulled pork recipe?

    Thanks Dave. One trick I can let go is that I inject, wait 30 minutes, inject again, ect until the pork looks like a basketball. As for Easter, I did that in Florida for spring break. I ate seafood for 10 days. That is another one of my loves. SEAFOOD!
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    Favortie pulled pork recipe?

    Kevin, I agree 100% about different strokes. Im all ears when it is about learning, getting better, whatever it takes. I just cant seem to get there without injecting. My obvious failings, but I like what im eating now. The best ive ever made so far. That is one of my favorite things about Q...
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    Favortie pulled pork recipe?

    Hello Dave! Just a hint of sweet for balance in the rub ,other than that, no sweetner added in the injection. Savory only and I like it that way. I had a party last week and served sauce on the side that was kinda sweet and it went over well. People raved about it whether they used sauce or not...
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    Favortie pulled pork recipe?

    Last weeks pork I went with my new comp rub and pumped full with my injection. Looked like a basketball ready to explode it was so full of my newest secret injection. I use no suger/sweetner at all. Best I ever had in my life. No sauce needed. 10 years in the making, almost there.
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    What are judges looking for now?

    Extra tender is a must because everyone thinks fall off the bone is where it is at. I hate that but it is true. I find that to be true often in KCBS too. Mix sweet and spicy and good luck.
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    Low and Slow vs. HH for Prime Briskets

    We cook exactly what we like. We "right or wrong" cook the same for comps as we do for friends and family. The 2 bite wow factor may be true but we hope that ours is good enough to where the Judge wants to eat the whole piece. I know most Pros cook for the Judges but we dont go down that path...
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    Low and Slow vs. HH for Prime Briskets

    I do not like to cause problems but I am tired of comp cookers being stereo typed that we all use sweet, whatever garbage that many claim that we all use. Just isnt fair. I also agree that simple can be best. I grew up on salt & pepper ribs. love them still. Actually I grill salt & pepper...