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    Lost Smoked Salmon Recipe

    Bob - that is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I did not put in tvwbb. Thank you so very much! Matt
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    Lost Smoked Salmon Recipe

    Hi everyone - I found an incredible smoked salmon recipe here a few years ago and can't seem to locate it now - it involved forming a pellicle and then using the snake method in my WSM. I remember several people made it for Sunday NFL games and a couple people said it was the best salmon they...
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    Smoking a Prime Rib Roast

    Thank you both! I did not see the other post, sorry. I am getting hungry looking at Rich's roast.
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    Smoking a Prime Rib Roast

    Hi all - I picked up a beauty yesterday, an almost 8 pound, 3 bone prime rib roast. I'm smoking it Christmas morning and see a lot of different advice regarding methods of cooking. I will plan on a final internal temp of about 120-125, resting to 130-135. I have 2 main questions: One recipe I...
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    Time for large bone-in breast

    Thanks guys - I am using a maverick thermometer to 160, but trying to plan to eat at 4 is tricky...I'm thinking of firing up the smoker at 11 and putting the breast on at noon.
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    Time for large bone-in breast

    Hi all - I was going to smoke my first whole turkey this year but decided on a bone-in breast instead (I'm roasting a 13 pounder in the oven as well). The breast I picked up today is fresh and 11 pounds. I'm planning on following the recipe here but mine is twice the size...
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    WSM or Kettle?

    I am planning on roasting one in the oven, and smoking one in my 18.5 wsm, using this recipe as a guideline: Both birds will be about 12-13 pounds. I'm a bit nervous about not having smoked one before, but I figure I'll either have a good turkey or a...
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    Beyond Turkey & Sides, what other main course do you serve? ( if any )

    I am thinking of making ribs for this Thanksgiving, in addition to the turkey. We eat turkey for tradition, but to be honest it's not anyone's favorite. I figure why not serve 6 racks of ribs cut into individuals as well?
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    WSM 18" just arrived!

    I've been doing pretty much the same as everyone else; I use the cheap green scouring pads to brush off any flaking deposits but otherwise don't clean the inside of my WSM. I scrub thick charcoal deposits from the bottom with a grill brush as needed, and wipe the outside clean with simple green...
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    Annual Halloween Chili

    Looks delicious! I haven't made chili in a couple years now. I think I will try this, thanks!
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    Ribs and wings

    Looks delicious!
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    Beef Ribs

    the dog had no complaints! She would eat a tire if she was hungry enough.
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    stock up on Tri Tip

    Sounds delicious - I can't see the pictures either for some reason. I have never seen a tri-tip for sale. I may need to order one.
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    Beef Ribs

    Thanks all - my wife doesn't care for beef ribs much but I love them. Fun for presentation, too.
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    Beef Ribs

    Made some beef ribs - Rubbed them with spog and let them sit in the fridge overnight, then smoked them with hickory and oak at 275. The 5.15 pounds took about 6 hours, then I let them rest in a cooler for about an hour while I made some mashed potatoes. Also served them with a cucumber salad...
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    Habanero (mushroom swiss) Burger after a quick hike

    Same here - we usually plant 3 or 4 pepper varieties, mostly for my hopes that they will ward off deer. Doesn't work :) I do enjoy eating them but not too much in any given week. That burger looks awesome!
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    Caught 17 trout!

    They look awesome - Trout has always been one of my favorite fish. Good haul!
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    St. Louis Ribs

    Made some ribs this weekend. St. Louis style were on sale: Used a light coat of mustard and magic dust rub I modify just a bit: We had 20-25 MPH winds and 40 MPH gusts on Saturday. Because of that I used my new CyberQ and I am amazed at how well this thing holds temp. Ribs were perfect...
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    20161017 Brisket

    That looks perfect. :p
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    Prime Brisket

    225. I used a cyberQ and basically set it and went to sleep. I will definitely be using the cyberQ for anything overnight from now on. I do like manually adjusting the vents for cooks when I am home and awake, but the cyberQ held this thing damn close to 225 from about 7 pm until 8 or 9 the...