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  1. Michael Smotch

    Weber Summit Charcoal Gen I - Floor model for sale... $699

    Is it the one of the stainless steel table attached?
  2. Michael Smotch

    Genesis gold

    Yeah. Bought for a friend to replace one of those low-level nexgrill brand he uses . Thought price was fair , for out here on long island NY
  3. Michael Smotch

    Purdy vs Hurts part deux

    Refs terrible calls today.
  4. Michael Smotch

    Purdy vs Hurts part deux

    No rookie QB has won NFC or afc championship game. See that streak continuing.
  5. Michael Smotch

    Maple bourbon Bacon

    Yeah hear that. Dont think I'll do bacon when its this cold out again.
  6. Michael Smotch

    Genesis gold

    Do you guys think this a fair price 150? Condition is very good. Everything works. Very little rust on bottom, inside fire box no issues
  7. Michael Smotch

    Member's Mark Pro Series

    Thanks for the input everybody. Yeah would go the used weber route also , but I dont have final
  8. Michael Smotch

    Member's Mark Pro Series

    Anyone have experience using a sam's club's brand grill? Looks thin and cheap. Friends dad is looking at this one for 499. trying to sway them away. Sams club pro series
  9. Michael Smotch

    Maple bourbon Bacon

    Used Steven raichlens as a base, added some extras, like the bourbon. Thyme 7 day cure,24hr air day. 8 hr cook time. Was really cold outside
  10. Michael Smotch

    Maple bourbon Bacon

    Did a maple bourbon cure, and one standard. Smoked using cherry wood
  11. Michael Smotch

    Iberico secreto pork

    Was lucky enough to try that breed. Different cut though, i didn't cook. But it had salt, pepper,fennel, garlic. Delicious . Sous vide then sear. Didn't wanna screw it up.
  12. Michael Smotch

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    This is the go to method using flax seed. She breaks everything down, and goes over causes why it can come out sticky. I seasoned my summit griddle this way. Came out perfect, just time consuming process
  13. Michael Smotch

    Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Love our onni koda 16 in pizza oven
  14. Michael Smotch

    Niners vs Fins this Sunday - what to cook?

    Sear some tuna,sesame crust. Better win. Help us out Let's go Jets
  15. Michael Smotch

    1970 Weber Product Catalog

    Want that charcoal caddy
  16. Michael Smotch

    Bachans Japanese Barbecue Sauce.

    We love them.
  17. Michael Smotch

    Pepper Grinder recommendations

    I have an olde Thompson, and a chef specialty brand. Both are wooden peppermills at least 15 years old. Held up very nice so far
  18. Michael Smotch

    Kicking off the NFL and a new back yard

    Nice yard. Would skip the railing, code or not. When time to sell let new homeowners deal with it. Lol
  19. Michael Smotch

    Fat separator

    I prefer oxo brand also. Use the one with spout
  20. Michael Smotch

    Quick cook

    Quick direct over coals rib dinner salt and pepper. Mopped vinegar mix by with Memphis dry rub