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  1. BrianCal

    Saturday Night Short Rib Plate

    Amazing looking, those must have been delicious
  2. BrianCal

    Fresh red chimichurri and flank steak 🥩

    Everything looks GREAT !!!
  3. BrianCal

    New Years Lomo al Trapo

    Doing it again on Saturday. Has anyone else tried it yet?
  4. BrianCal

    Let's Dance 2023!

    My Xavier Musketeers got the #3 seed in the Midwest
  5. BrianCal

    Catheter Cardiac Ablation Yesterday

    Best wishes Lew, and hoping you feel better soon
  6. BrianCal

    Super Bowl Grub - Post Up Your Cooks!

    Took some smoked wings to a friend’s house. Didn’t get a pic of them sauced, but did half with Blues Hog BBQ and half with Alabama White Sauce
  7. BrianCal

    New Member from New York

    Huntington for me
  8. BrianCal

    New Member from New York

    Welcome from a Long Islander
  9. BrianCal

    Smoked Meatloaf

    YUM !!!
  10. BrianCal

    Apparently I’m a big deal

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎁
  11. BrianCal

    My Little Meteorite

    Looks good, and sounds like you are off to a fast start, and willing to learn. My suggestion would be to NOT leave it cooking in anyway after you it. The six hours at 155 may be the cause of the dryness. My, and probably most people here, go from the smoker into a cooler, wrapped. I would have...
  12. BrianCal

    Things I've Learned

    This is very true. My take on this is “never be afraid for the meat to be done early”. When I first started I did what many do, try and speed up / slow down the cook by manipulating temps. Rarely got it “just right”. So now I start very ealry, and at those times where it was done before I...
  13. BrianCal

    New Dog Pics - Post Pics Of Your Best Friend!

    Finn is gett bigger everyday. And he LOVES living at the beach
  14. BrianCal

    Your Favorite K Cup?

    Green Mountain Coffee, their Nantucket Blend, or their Half Caff Both are very good.
  15. BrianCal

    New Years Lomo al Trapo

    Do it !!! Super easy, and delicious
  16. BrianCal

    Any rub recommendations for a smoked turkey

    Not sure you need to buy one, pretty simple to make yourself. Here’s what I did: Dry brine overnight with a coating of fine sea salt Rub: 1/8 cup fine sea salt 1/8 cup coarse ground black pepper 1 TBSP Onion powder 1 TBSP Garlic powder 1 TBSP Italian seasoning Rub a light coating of the rub...
  17. BrianCal

    New Years Lomo al Trapo

    The smaller one was in for about 18 minutes, flipped once. The bigger was about 25 minutes, also flipped once. The fire was a base of charcoal briquettes, then topped with oak logs, and let them burn down until I got a great bed of embers
  18. BrianCal

    January 1st, 2023 🥳

    Happy New Year all !! Finn is ready for 2023