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  1. Mike_S

    I saw Weber came out with a griddle. Anyone planning on purchasing?

    Much cheaper than Traegers!
  2. Mike_S

    I saw Weber came out with a griddle. Anyone planning on purchasing?

    It looks like Weber beat Traeger to the griddle game (by a matter of days), although it might still be several years too late since Blackstone is the Kleenex brand of griddles. I'd love to hear opinions from anyone who has purchased either of them.
  3. Mike_S

    Do blower fans really make that much of a difference?

    What kind of safety net? Prevents the fire from going out?
  4. Mike_S

    Do blower fans really make that much of a difference?

    Lately on /r/smoking (Reddit) I have seen a ton of comments about how using a WSM with a blower is a game changer and really allows people to not worry about temp changes. But once I get my temp dialed in without a fan I hardly ever see changes throughout the cook. How do these fans work...
  5. Mike_S

    New Member From Upstate NY

    Where in upstate? I'm in the Rochester area.
  6. Mike_S

    You know you're getting old when...

    I just turned 32. When I was around 16 I was huge into the street racing video games so I made sure I learned how to drive stick the day I got my permit. The first car I bought was also a standard.
  7. Mike_S

    If You Could Grill Anywhere............?

    My deck. I built it with my dad the year after I bought my house during covid. No better feeling than firing up the smoker on something you built yourself. Although I did love grilling fish for tacos in the outdoor kitchen at a beach house we rented one summer.
  8. Mike_S

    22.5 and Rib Racks

    How many racks are you cooking at once? 22.5 should be able to hold 2-3 racks flat per grill rack.
  9. Mike_S

    Advice on utilizing top and bottom racks

    Why not use the water pan here? I'm still fairly new to the WSM.
  10. Mike_S

    How common are these?

    My next door neighbors have one. Had no idea Weber made anything like that.
  11. Mike_S

    Pork Butt Fat Cap or No Cap?

    I trim it. Like you said - plenty of inter-muscular fat. I've never noticed it being too dry.
  12. Mike_S

    Favorite dual probe wireless thermometer for WSM?

    I am looking for something that can attach easily without being destroyed by the head of the cooker. Right now mine hooks onto the charcoal door handle. It is not the most practical.
  13. Mike_S

    Barbacoa tacos, lamb and beef.

    I'm making this this weekend. What rub recipe did you use?
  14. Mike_S

    25% off all ThermoWorks DOTs

    How do the square dots compare to other highly rated dual probe thermometers? I wish they had a wireless receiver to go with it. Edit: Nevermind.. Just saw they have the Smoke X2.
  15. Mike_S


    How do you know Dinosaur BBQ being from Florida?
  16. Mike_S

    Memorial Day chicken help for someone still green behind the ears.

    Adding some baking powder to your rub may help achieve a crispier skin easier.
  17. Mike_S

    2005 Genesis Silver how to find a new home

    If you kick it to the curb I'm sure a scrapper will pick it up before anyone that would get some actual use out of it. At least in my area it wouldn't last an hour before the scrap collector came.
  18. Mike_S

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    I have Aaron Franklin's and Meathead's books for bbq. I plan on buying the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook just for their side dish recipes.
  19. Mike_S

    Catering amount

    Not sure if you had your part yet but Amazingribs did an article on this.
  20. Mike_S

    Best way to repair broken Q leg?

    replacement part is $47.51. I'm going to check out FB Marketplace or Craigslist for a whole grill I can use for parts.