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    One Word: Spatchcocked

    Good point. TY
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    One Word: Spatchcocked

    My dilemma: WSM or indirect in the Kettle? These days (not so spry), I find the kettle easier to setup/use.
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    Thanks to a wonderful bunch of folks…

    I’ve been rattling around this forum for nearly eighteen years now. I’ve been a pot stirrer, a needle threader, a student, a contributor (I hope), but mostly as a lurker. 1: Thanks to Chris for fathering and successfully managing this “family”, and maintaining the house. 2: Thanks to...
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    Red beans and rice

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I’m lookin forward to making a batch up.
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    You know you're getting old when...

    SWMBO makes wonderful custard.
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    Cat for Christmas?

    No, “babies taste of chicken” - Eddie Izzard
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    Cat for Christmas?

    Me thinks she is too skinny. On the other hand, the story goes that the mountain men swore that mountain lion was the best meat.
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    Cat for Christmas?

    Just sitting here doing some curmudgeonly cogitating. The kids want a cat for Christmas. I was planning on doing a turkey but if a cat is what they want, hey I’ll give it try. 😉
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    Winner: Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

    Will you be able to transport it with sufficient fuel (briquette/lump) to various functions with what appears to be a tuba case? 🍽 Congratulations btw.
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    McCormick seasonings...

    Stumbled upon this. Several pages, may interest some.
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    Nice Move Chris...

    Going though FB and read of transition to new server(?). Came to check things out. Very nice!
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    Winners: 2019 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    Nicely done. Thanks again Chris.
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    Picanha aka sirloin cap

    Thank you Chris. Off in search of said cut.
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    Smoked/Fried Pork Butt

    Well, gonna have to try this.
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    Green Pork Chili

    Yummm. Can’t wait to try this.
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    Rolling Cart for WSM

    Very nice, clean mod.
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    Sweet Bacon Chili

    Sounds grate.
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    So... anyone old enough to remember me?

    Good to see you're still around Keri. I only check in haphazardly:rolleyes: myself.
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    July News Letter

    From the July News Letter... "And I'm just three contests away from earning Master Certified Barbecue Judge status!" Does this mean that we may now call Chris, "Sensei"?:confused: