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  1. Ryan Burke

    Q2400 electric

    So between selling our house and our next one being built I will be moving into a apartment for just under a year. They don't allow gas or charcoal grills on the balcony. Was thinking about getting one of the Q electrics. Anyone have any experience with them? I searched the forums but did not...
  2. Ryan Burke

    Texas Red Chili & Football, One Vote for Meat Church

    My grandparents used to live outside Dallas and as a kid I would fly down several times a year and visit. My grandfather was a big fan of BBQ and chili. Man I miss those days. Ground beef and beans are not Texas chili.
  3. Ryan Burke

    My Favorite Christmas Gift

    For Italian Beefs in Chicago you have to go to Al's on Taylor street. Pizza I was always a Gino's East guy.
  4. Ryan Burke

    Michigan Griller Here

    Welcome Chad. Lice in Michigan also just North of GR.
  5. Ryan Burke

    Your most valuable piece of gear for Winter Grilling is?

    This is what we in Michigan call a dusting.
  6. Ryan Burke

    Possibly the last warm day of the foreseeable future?

    Tim, Looks like you got some good snow by Kzoo. Bunch of accidents on 131. Just north of GR we have probably about a foot. Had about a 120 mile commute to various spots today for work. Not fun driving but I still love winter.
  7. Ryan Burke

    Chicken & Potatoes on the Performer

    Best way to cook a bird
  8. Ryan Burke

    Friday Night Pork Chops & Pan Roasted Veggies

    My local butcher sells thick cut bone in chops. It is one of my favorite things to get from them.
  9. Ryan Burke

    Jumbo Joe Steak & Potatoes

    That is my kind of meal! Looks great.
  10. Ryan Burke

    Because everybody is doing this at midnight

    My wife is a Lions fan. Can't get any worse.
  11. Ryan Burke

    Seems like a great pizza cooker

    I think the pizza was too big and the temps too hot. I think the pizza would have turned out better with someone who has experience doing it. With that being said I will stick with my Kettle Pizza for my kettle. Never failed me.
  12. Ryan Burke

    Last local sweet corn of season

    Could not agree more. Got probably my last batch of local corn yesterday at my local mom and pop store. I cringe when I see people taking the husks off.
  13. Ryan Burke

    WOW!!!! It's 70 degrees here

    40 degrees here in in Michigan with the wind 33.
  14. Ryan Burke

    Weber Summit Kamado - Week Night Pork Tenderloin

    They go on sale a lot by me. Grill them both up. Slice one for dinner the other the next night for pork tacos.
  15. Ryan Burke

    Chicago White Sox AL West Champs 1983 Grill

    I would love to have that kettle. If it had a Cubs logo on it I would say clean it with a sledge hammer.
  16. Ryan Burke

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure I used water in the pan the first few cooks when I got mu WSM but now use this method.
  17. Ryan Burke

    Cooking a steak

    When I do steaks I get my Genesis really hot, put the steaks on and turn the burners to low. I only flip once. I think cooking the steak to the desired temp is the most important step. I prefer mine medium rare. My parents for some reason like theirs well done. I never cook steaks when they come...
  18. Ryan Burke

    Pizza Party, my party dudes

    Nice. Looks like I might be doing pizzas this weekend.
  19. Ryan Burke

    New Dog Pics - Post Pics Of Your Best Friend!

    My best bud Tucker. He is about 8 years old and came at a low price of $35 from a shelter.
  20. Ryan Burke

    Cheap steak night

    Big fan of top sirloin. I usually get them around 2-2.5lb range. They have great flavor. Your steaks look great.