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  1. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Can Bacon cure too long?

    Thx all - help appreciated. Now I can relax about it!
  2. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Can Bacon cure too long?

    For various reasons I may have to leave my bacon curing for about 10-11 days. Will that harm it?
  3. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Long bacon cure?

    Hi, For reasons not worth explaining I might have to leave a pork belly curing in it's wet salt sludge for an unusually long time, like two weeks. Will this ruin everything? OTOH, how short a time can I cure it for? Cheers, Michael
  4. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Ontario > Toronto: Beach Hill Smokehouse

    Beach Hill Smokehouse 172 Main St, at Gerrard Toronto, Ontario This place opened in January, and it run by two retired football players. It is pure Texan, and we ate there tonight for the first time. It had received a full write up in the Toronto Globe and...
  5. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Ontario > Toronto: Adamson's BBQ

    There's a new Q joint in Toronto that's been getting a lot of ink,and rightly so. It's called Adamson's BBQ, and it's on Wicksteed east of Laird. It's pure Texas style - no sauce at all, and it's really some of the best Q I've ever eaten. They make brisket, ribs, sausages and turkey, and they're...
  6. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Toronto Area: manual slicer and meat grinder to sell

    Hi, We are moving and i will not be able to Q for some time. We also need to get rid of everything we can. I have two things that might be of interest to the list. One is a manual mdeat slicer, perfect for bacon and pastrami, and whatever else. It is definitely old, definitely wqorks, and i...
  7. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Smoking then serving in two weeks

    I did pull before freezing. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Smoking then serving in two weeks

    Thanks all, and it looks like I'll be pulling tonight!
  9. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Smoking then serving in two weeks

    Hi, Sorry for the absence (see here for my sad story: I'm smoking four butts today, and they are going to be served Jan 30. This earliness is because I am off to México for 6 weeks and won't be around for my granddaughter's annual...
  10. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Think it's been too long??

    Hi, folks. Some of you may remember Canada Mike as I used to be relatively active. But.... Last season I ended up teaching summer school and living in deadline hell, so I didn't Q even once! How long? Here's how long: I just went to put up four huge butts for my granddaughter's Science Fair, an...
  11. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Hello from Newfoundland, Canada!

    Welcome, Jeff! Can't have too many Canucks, I say.
  12. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Hello from Vancouver , BC

    Well, then you're not really a canuck, eh? Welcome aboard!!
  13. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    New Bluetooth thermopen

    Remember, Bluetooth only works in a straight line - no walls or curves. That's why I returned my iTemp (or whatever it was called).
  14. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Nice articlle on Q styles

    Short but to the point this Urbanspoon blog post summarizes a lot of styles.
  15. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Happy Canada Day!

    Back at ya!
  16. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Canadian here

    Always room for another Canuck, eh? This is a great place to learn - ask anything.
  17. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Hello from BC Canada

    Hey, fellow Canuck. You'll find this is a great sharing site. Cool, eh?
  18. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Just so so butts

    Everyone thought the meat s great, but what do they know!!??!! It's interesting what was said about pockets of fat - that makes sense to me. I was using a high heat method, and the probe read 180, but when I checked I put it n a couple places and it read 200. That's when I like to take them off...
  19. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    iGrill or Maverick ET-732?

    I tried an iGrill but found the Bluetooth range inadequate for me.
  20. Michael G. (Canada Mike)

    Hello from Cambridge, ON Canada!

    Used to live in KW, also before Cambridge was renamed. Remember well the rolled ribs in Breslau - not Q'd but baked, and still delicious. Welcome to the forum!