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    Beef Cheek - Barbacoa

    hmmm... barbacoa. There is a good little mom and pop shop down the street from my work that make good barbacoa burritos. Sometimes a bit too greasy but hey ; ) Im going to have to go to the meat markets and ask from some cheek now. Im sure I can find them here in a border town. Whats a...
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    Party coming up...Trying to figure out what I can fit on WSM

    I may be wrong but I always thought anything added to the smoker, mid cook, should stay on the bottom rack so raw drippings don't fall on cooked meat.
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    6 butts question

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I agree with Clark, put the larger ones on the bottm so you can access the smaller ones easier if they reach target temp sooner. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Not sure there is much...
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    Dual thermometer w/ 1 probe.

    Have you guys seen this. I think its a good idea but don't think it will fit through a guru eyelet. polder (click here) sorry if this is old news.
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    High heat, fast brisket cook

    Im no expert but when I do a high heat i have it at around 330*. I also wrap at around 168*-170* which takes around 2 to 2.5hrs to reach. then another 2-2.5 hours till it gets tender in the flat. Then take off and rest for 10min and slice. If im going to hold for over an hour I take it off...
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    WSM winter storage

    Watch out for high winds... Knocked my wsm over and chipped the charcoal bowl and mid section. Had it in the back yard on the porch and it ended up on the side of our house.
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    Need assistance with first Campsite BUTT cook

    rub them down wrap in plastic wrap and in foil that why you are less likely to get melted water in it and you can add more ice on top. man id be scared a bear would come down and get your grub.
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    Cooking multiple briskets (3 or 4)

    I don't know if this is an option but what I did once for a party on Sunday was cook a butt and brisket slow n low Saturday then wrap in foil then put in frig. Then Sunday morning 6 to 7 hours before the get together was high heat the other 2 briskets. Then take them wrapped in foil and in a...
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    Tri Tip in the United States (excluding the West Coast)

    I cant seem to find it at the local chain stores here in far west Texas. Im going to call a meat market later. I've never heard of it either till I got my wsm and found this site.
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    Opinion on smoking under a covered porch?

    I have many times and I don't see any affect on the ceiling. When my grill was under then that was a problem. One thing I hate is all the damn flies that gather around when I'm smoking something. Not sure if its the smoke that doesn't get blown away but there is always a bunch of flies around.
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    No water pan ?

    I use the same piedmont pan setup. I think the time I spent reshaping the door mad a big difference plus the folded foil I pressed in on the top of the door. It seems to only have a gap at the top. Other then my bent vent everything else has been awesome.
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    No water pan ?

    oh I didn't realize it tapes the door shut. I thought it was like a gasket. Don't want to do that. Every now and then I shake up the coals to let the ash fall so need that access door. Well I did another cook this weekend. 17 hours using the Rancher but what I did was fold foil and press it...
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    No water pan ?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Phil R.: Cesar, Are you shutting the top vent (I'm assuming you already have all the bottom ones shut) as well after your cooks? If you shut the top...
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    No water pan ?

    Where did you get aluminum tape? my door leaks a lot. When I close all vents the coals never go out till they slowly burn all out( no more charcoal) Can take over a day. So what I have been doing is using a spatula and putting all the coals in a large tin can and put the top on.
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    How many bags of Rancher?

    I got 8 this weekend so 829 Need to build my shed so I can get some more and have a place to store them.
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    Killer Smoke Ring w/pics

    What is tri-tip. Ive never heard of that. I looked for it at sams the other day and didnt find it.
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    brisket question about cutting and storage

    I'm going on a fishing trip with 2 friends later today and would like to make a high heat brisket to take and eat at the lake. But I do not want to take the entire brisket. So I was wondering if I would be able to cut a big enough chunk for 3 right after its done and hold for the two hour...
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    Spare Ribs

    Ive only done spares twice but its around 6hours or so around 250*. A lot of people here do the 3-2-1 method which is 3 hours in the wsm with rub 2 hours wrapped in foil in the wsm (with applejuice or your choice) 1 hour unwrapped to crisp up and not be mushy after being in the foil basting...
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    Beef Back Ribs and BBQ Sauce

    you need food pics good to hear it game out great. Ive done the yumyum recipe myself and it came out good. But like yourself it was a bit undercooked. Would have been a bit more tender if they would have stayed on 30-45 minutes longer.
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    Fatty Spares, Time to switch to BB Backs?

    Ive only done spare ribs once but the ribs after everything was cut off Slab/skirt or what ever its called so its just regular ribs they came out fine but the slab/skirt/ribtips (which ever its called) were really greasy. How long do those usually take to cook. I cooked them for 2 hours...