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  1. John Monk

    Do you have a "MAKE SOON" list/folder/binder?

    Case in point the other day, I finally made some chimichurri to go with some steaks I grilled for the family and they were like holy smokes, you need to do this a lot more often. I had just never gotten around to it, but with a response like that, it will have to become a regular occurrence...
  2. John Monk

    Yes, Another WSM Water Pan Alternative

    Somehow my old brinkman bowl got a hole in it, so glad I can grab this as a replacement.
  3. John Monk

    CharQ refinished

    My daughter the artist. It's the logo for the University of Washington where I went to school a long long time ago.
  4. John Monk

    CharQ refinished

    Had the chance to spend some time with my daughter refurbishing this CharQ I bought for occasional picnics by the lake.
  5. John Monk

    Hello From Round Rock, TX

    Welcome from Round Rock!
  6. John Monk

    Craycort's Cast Iron Grate

    Mine came this week, looking forward to using it tonight!
  7. John Monk

    Cheerwine BBQ Sauce

    For those of you in the Austin area, I just discovered that Spec's sells Cheerwine now.
  8. John Monk

    Favorite cookbooks?

    Don't know if this is what you're looking for but there was a short discussion along with a few links from around the site here.... HERE
  9. John Monk

    weber rotisserie?

    I was like you...on the I jump or no...birthday came around and everyone pitched in to push me off the fence and I am glad they did. I love my roti...I don't have a basket for it but in the span of two weeks, we had grilled chicken, pork roasts, and some other things...what it did...
  10. John Monk

    Paul Kirk recipe HELP

    I own Paul Kirk's book, the 175 sauce one, I had planned on using it this weekend...unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm not in possession of it (thanks to a scheming brother in law I think, but that's another story)...on page 34 there's a mustard recipe...I need it...can...
  11. John Monk

    Good books on smoking

    I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I read a sad depressed mood as they were lamenting the loss of true bbq around the south. However, from what I experience daily, here on this forum, at comps, and with our local restaurant scene, it seems quite the opposite. True bbq is alive an possibly...
  12. John Monk

    Good books on smoking

    Start with Low and Slow for technique, Smokestack Lightning for discussion of BBQ but not how to, and then Paul Kirk's books and Peace, Love, and BBQ for combination of the two. Legends of Texas BBQ for the history if not for a recipe or two. That should get you started. Like I do with most...
  13. John Monk

    Another EZ Que vs. Weber Post

    I've searched and read most of the EZ Que vs. Weber postings. It seems that the EZ Que is a better product. Unfortunately, the 8 inch isn't available on their site. It could be argued and likely will be until the end of time the benefits of the EZ Que over the Weber, although the Weber...
  14. John Monk

    Weber Rotisseire VS EZ Que

    Until I showed my wife this post, she really thought I was the only one goofy enough to set up a craigslist aggregator for a rotisserie...I'm not sure she's happy to know I'm not alone in the world, but I am. I'm thinking of getting a rotisserie this week, I'm debating between the Weber or the...
  15. John Monk

    Lump and Briquettes

    Is there any benefit to mixing lump charcoal with briquettes and then running the cooker using the Minion method?
  16. John Monk

    Cut Resistant Kevlar Rubber Dipped Gloves

    I had not seen these but I'm sure my wife will thank you when I tell her I have to get them ASAP.
  17. John Monk

    Is it ok to be addicted?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by JimK: <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by...
  18. John Monk

    Pork butt and ribs link?

    I'm considering cooking a 6.5 pound butt and two racks of ribs. I was going to set the butt on an overnight course...I'm wondering what others experience has been in terms of adding the ribs...specifically at what point did you add the ribs? How much fuel did you need? et cetera. I'm using...
  19. John Monk

    Good BBQ in Seattle?

    You likely won't have time for a trip to Olympia, but if you did, here's the best...I lived in the Northwest for 10 years...this is tops.
  20. John Monk

    HELP...brisket hangs in the balance

    Here's the setup... 1. Remote therm says internal temp on a 3.2 lbs brisket is 175 2. WSM temp has been steady at 250 for 4.5 hours. 3. Don't have another therm to stick in the brisket Should I fall on the side of mathematics or remote therm and trust my instincts and take the brisket off?