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    Kingsford sales

    Think I may have found my is Wednesday... I keep thinking it is Thursday. Will check again tomorrow for sale prices.
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    Kingsford sales

    For me only one Lowe’s has Kingsford on sale and it is the twin 18.6 bags for $12.88. That stores only has 27 bags. The twin 20 lb bags are $23.88.
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    Order Smoke Day 12 T-Shirts & Logostuff

    Just ordered mine.
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    Kingsford Blue on Sale at Lowes

    Hoping this isn't the new current sales price for the upcoming holidays? Used to be $9.99 for the bundle.
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    Rock's WiFi Stoker for 18.5" WSM

    Stoker has been sold.
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    New 18.5" WSM Cincinnati $99

    Don't mean to hijack thread. James, Not certain if this is the same place but a co-worker told me there is an Amazon overstock store on Morse road east of Karl that sells 'em pretty cheap. Last time he updated me was to tell me they had a 14.5 for $99, new in box. Dave
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    Rock's WiFi Stoker for 18.5" WSM

    Hi Ryan, Yes, it includes everything. Stoker, 3 probes (2 meat and 1 pit), pit probe holder, power supply, blower, blower adapter, hardware to attach it to the WSM. I will PM you. Dave
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    Kingsford Professional Briqs

    Checking my local HD website, they list the Professional briquettes. Dave
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    Maverick 733

    If you go with the Mav 733, try to make certain you have a extra probe on hand in case one of them doesn't work. This happened with mine, guess I got water in the probe while cleaning it (thought I had avoided the water). Didn't know it until I went to use it the next time and the probe showed...
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    HURRY UP! Smoke Day 2016

    Sd 2016 Past 2 years, I've always remembered late to get my Smoke Day shirt...each year was sweating bullets hoping it would arrive in time as I ordered late. This year, I am looking early to order one. BTW, I smoked some ribs 2 weekends ago when it was about 12 degrees F ribs...
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    Rock's WiFi Stoker for 18.5" WSM

    I am selling my Rock's Bar-B-Que WiFi Stoker. Setup for an 18.5" WSM. Includes: WiFi Stoker with 5 cfm fan - upgraded 8' cable WSM adaptor 2 food probes with upgraded 8' cables 1 pit probe with upgraded 8' cable WiFi bracket combo Pictures: Asking $225 - includes...
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    Smoking in Minnesota Winters

    I've done smokes in the cold weather, just did one last weekend. It was around 15 degrees when I started and the daily high was about 23 tops. Wasn't windy but I did use more fuel than during the summer months. I know that Ohio doesn't get as cold as Minnesota but you could at least use it...
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    Costco now carrying full packer briskest, Prime!!

    I stopped at my local Costco last Thursday and it didn't hit me until I read this post, that store also had Prime Packers. In the past, I don't remember seeing packers, just expensive highly trimmed flats. Dave
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    Trouble with my ET-733

    Per this site, they look to be interchangable: The replacement proves I bought from them, when mine read LLL, were only $9 but look like they went up a little. $14.99/ea This link has...
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    High Temp Tape

    I use the cold weather foil duct tape (believe 3M makes it). I have some leaks around seam where the bottom and mid sections connect. I just take a piece of the tape slightly longer that half the circumference. Use scissors to cut the tape in half length wise and seal the seam. The tape...
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    Servo always buzzing

    For my HM 4.2.4, running software as current as when I built it last month. If there was a software update this month, I don't have it. When I was dialing in the servo, I would get a buzzing or chatter noise in the fully closed position but I think that was from the servo settings being too...
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    Hot Key P

    Thanks, I will try that and see what happens. Dave
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    Hot Key P

    I was looking through the wiki and such and was wondering if there is a way to bring the PID entry screen up on the web page. The wiki did mention a hot key of P but I can't seem to get P to do anything. I could be hitting the incorrect key but not certain. I tried Cntl+P, Shift+P, Alt+P...
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    Need Stoker help - temp spikes

    My top vent is only open about 1/8. I don't have a water pan but a double foiled clay saucer instead. Used a full ring of Kingsford Blue Bag charcoal. The temp swings at the beginning may have been caused by one of the bottom vents getting opened slightly...not certain how that happened but I...
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    3D Printed Barrel Servo/Fan

    This is from the Home Depot site ( Dave