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    Two turkeys at once?

    Do you have a second thermo? If so, put one in each bird. That way you can tell if one is cooking noticeably faster and switch places if needed.
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    Facebook pages

    Naughty Nurses BBQ
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    Insulated cover for a WSM 22-1/2"?

    I just bought a welding blanket, cut holes for the vent and thermo.
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    WSM 18" just arrived!

    I don't know what is available in your area, Maverick thermometers are popular here as are the Thermoworks. The Thermopop is becoming one of my favorites. Whatever you get, do a ice water and/or boiling water calibration to see how accurate it is.
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    SRF wagyu vs Creekstone prime? For brisket...

    IMO the Costco prime is as good as the Creekstone and much cheaper. The SRF has a different flavor and mouth feel and is worth experiencing at least once. There is a reason so many of the top competition cooks use it.
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    Another new Kingsford charcoal coming soon?

    Dear Kingsford, Drop off 2 or 3 bags at spot #625 and I'll try them during the Open competition. :D:wsm:
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    Mods made a difference

    I ordered the hinge/gasket combo through Amazon, and agree with Troy wholeheartedly. I also put the gasket on the door and have much better temp control. The hinge and casters, along with latches to secure the middle to the bottom, make things much easier.
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    Kielbasa (slightly urgent)

    I'm with Dustin. Is this a home made sausage? If it's cured you have lots of time. If it's fresh then you need to get it out of the danger zone, meaning an internal temp of at least 140°, fairly quickly.
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    wild boar?

    I've never noticed that much of a gamey taste in hogs. Javelina on the other hand are almost inedible.
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    Iron Skillet

    Pancakes, eggs, & hash browns are things I've done on mine and I'm sure there is more.
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    Cannot get heat to drop

    I was having the same issue with my 22", Saturday I installed latches to secure the body to the bottom section and put a gasket on the door. Sunday I cooked ribs; when done I closed all vents and went to lunch. 1 1/2 hours later the WSM was cold. Temp control was much easier as well.
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    Hanging ribs with no water pan

    I'm with Nick, hang for 2 hours then foil and place on top rack. Except I have a Hunsaker vortex fire basket in mine. I think if one went to "fall off the bone" tender, the hook might let go but I'm not sure. As the fat melts is runs down the rib, self basting so to speak. This may be why the...
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    Cannot get heat to drop

    A lot of good advice, I'll just add: there is nothing wrong with cooking at 275°
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    Anyone modified vents?

    The rivets in my vents seemed to get worn and loose over time so I drilled them out and replace the rivets with a 1/4" SS bolt and nut. I can now keep the vent tight against the body of the WSM which allows better air control.
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    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    It's true that size matters. I have smoked 8 butts on my 22" more than once, and 8 butts fit better than 6 butts on a 18". If you ever want to play with hanging meats, the extra height of the 22" will come in real handy. Don't sweat the charcoal usage. You can always buy or make a smaller...
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    Another Hunsaker Vortex firebasket user

    You won't regret the Hunsaker. They are so easy to move around and the temp control is a piece of cake. If I didn't already have the 22"WSM I would have bought a 3rd Hunsaker with the rib hanger; of course I may still do that someday :rolleyes: The UKBBQ hinge will be my next addition, along...
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    Another Hunsaker Vortex firebasket user

    Kevin you are correct on both counts. I'd have to measure to see just how much taller the Vortex is but it is taller. When I was getting ready to order the Weber hanger I looked at both but the lack of height on the 18" convinced me to go with the 22". IIRC there is about 17" to the top of the...
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    Cost of Competing

    Dang, I was going to listen to that but I forgot :( Nick we're in your ballpark if you figure entry, meat, fuel, supper Friday, breakfast Saturday, drinks etc. If you add in the cost of a class, the toy hauler we use for comps, smokers etc. over a period of x number of years it about doubles the...
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    WSM's have an advantage over the big smokers??

    Most smokers have temperature differences that the cook can use to their advantage. It's a matter of knowing your cooker. I can cook all 4 meats (KCBS) on a FEC100 or I can use my Hunsaker drums and WSMs, one for each meat.
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    Another Hunsaker Vortex firebasket user

    I have 2 of Marks drums, that's what I do the big meats and chicken on. I wanted to try the WSM since I already have before trying to talk the CFO into another drum :wink: