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    Weber Grill Restaurant Indianapolis, IN

    It would be fun to work in the "grill" area.
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    Finally smoked my first brisket

    Great job!
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    Taking the Fun out of Smoking...

    You're very detailed. Are you right brained? :wsm22:
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    Smoking in the rain tonight first pulled pork

    Good advice has been given here. I'll just add that a 20 mph wind is way more than I've ever smoked in. That's crazy. Yeah your best bet is the short term smoke followed by the actual cook in the oven. Let us know how it went!
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    pan water or not?

    I have done brisket with and without water and I don't notice a difference in the bark. I ran my WSM without water for awhile and it went fine. However, I prefer water. It's just easier and it's also easier to clean out the water pan. All I do is hose it out. Not to mention you get easier to...
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    Pin yourself on the WSM Smoke Day 13 Map

    Looking forward to it! Saving that day for a brisket.
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    Sunday Brisket

    That brisket looks amazeballs! Nice work!
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    Green pork in cryovac

    I've been using boston butts in cryovac for many years now, but I opened a rotten one a couple months ago and now I'm paranoid maybe. The one I just opened up yesterday had a slight green tinge to it. It also had the usual rotten egg smell, but after rinsing it off and cleaning with baking soda...
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    Pepper Stout Beef

    Made this today and I have to say, the recipe is awesome. The combination of the stout and Worcestershire with the smokey flavor is killer. Wife said it was too hot, even though I only used 2 jalapenos. Next time, I will use mushrooms instead.
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    Sugar maple wood?

    Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to whacking that tree down.
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    Smoking Naked

    I'm also a big fan of the "naked smoking." Should we start a fan club? I've smoked some various meats and had people demand to know what my rub is. When I tell them it's just a little salt and pepper, they never believe me. You just can't beat the natural flavor of the wood smoke. Sometimes...
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    Sugar maple wood?

    Thanks for the responses. I have plenty of it (as in an entire tree) that got basically eaten alive by aphids and is slowly dying. Guess I'll cut down a branch at a time as I need smoke wood!
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    Sugar maple wood?

    Has anyone ever heard of or used sugar maple wood for smoke? I've been told it's a hard wood, but wasn't sure if it was any good for smoking.
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    Charcoal Sales Have Begun

    My local Fareway had Steakhouse charcoal on sale, so I bought 20 bags of it for $100 total. The wife was not pleased, but she did like the huge "tower" of charcoal that is now stacked in my garage.
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    Do You Cover the WSM? Should you?

    I keep mine in the garage next to the kettle. I plan on using it for the rest of my life, so I better take good care of it, eh?
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    Article in Des Moines Register

    Found this interesting article on the WSM and BBQ in the Des Moines paper today. Just thought I'd share. http://dmjuice.desmoinesregist...moke+meat+like+a+pro
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    Italian Baby Backs (take 2)

    Those look amazing. What's the recipe you are following?
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    Cold Weather Smoked Ham w/pics

    Nice. I love the shot of the smoke billowing out of the chimney starter. I have a big ham I've been wanting to do, also. Looks like I'll need to do it soon.