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    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    I haven't checked the thermometer calibration. The reason I'm certain the tempsa re lower is because the cooks are taking longer. I'm going to have to do some testing to figure out what is wrong. It may be something I'm doing differently that I'm not aware of.
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    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    I think you're right that something in the cooker has changed. The standard method would probably work. I'll try that if I can;t figure out what is wrong. The method I've been using for years had always been pretty automatic. It take about 30 minutes or so to bring the temperature up to my...
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    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    Hello, My WSM 18.5 that I've had for 14 years has been running at a lower temparature for the last couple of cooks. In the past, I've had no problem with getting it to run at whatever temperature I wanted. I only use Kingsford charcoal. Today, I smoked three racks aof spare ribs and...
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    Waterless temps??

    I've been cooking on a WSM for 12 years and consider it to be the best smoker available! Usually I use water in the pan and smoke at around 225 to 250F. I use waterless only for smoking turkey at around 300 to 325. Am thinking of trying waterless for a long smoke of a butt. 10 or 12 hours...
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    Weber Chimney Starter No Ash

    I absolutely LOVE my WSM and my other Weber grills! With the Minion Method, my WSM gives me incredibly steady temperature control. The only thing I did not like was the floating newspaper ash left after using the Weber Chimney starter. I just didn't like it floating and blowing around. I...
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    Hello 18.5 owner here in Texas...

    Welcome, Rob! You are going to LOVE your new WSM!! It's the best smoker available anywhere at any price! The 18.5 is the best size, too. You can cook two 18 pound turkeys in it easily. The best thing about it is the temperature stability. Once you get the vents set, it hold a stable...
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    Happy Thanksgiving, good luck on your cooks, thanks to all for this forum

    This is a great forum! Especially around Thanksgiving. I used to cook my turkey on my WSM low and slow. 225 to 250. Finally I read about cooking it at high temp on the WSM with all the vents fully open! Works great and has a better flavor to me than low and slow! So, this Thanksgiving, I am...
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    Do you remove hard plastic clip holding legs together?

    The packaging on my turkey said to leave it in place. Temperatures 350 or so and below won't bother it. The plastic doesn't melt until a much higher temperature. That said, if I take it off, I'll tie the legs together with string. Keeps the legs from drying out too bad and also makes for a...
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    OK! Turkey was outstanding! Very moist and tender. Good flavor. The only gripe I might have is that some of the skin was a bit bitter. Used three small pieces of Apple, so not too much smoke wood. I used some limbs that were pruned out of an orchard in N Georgia. I left the bark on...
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    Tony, this is the first deck I've had. Had to want until near retirement to get it, though! When I built this deck,the only Weber I had was the kettle. I used the grill dimensions from the Weber website to figure out the dimensions for the grill station. After we got the deck built I ordered...
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    Bruce, You must be holding your monitor the wrong way! :rolleyes: she's right side up on mine. :wsm:
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    Done! Took it off at 1:25 . 172 F temp in the thigh. Smoker still at about 300F. About 3 1/2 hours total cook time. Will let you know how it tastes! Here's what she looks like. She's pretty! Mike [/IMG]
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    Two hour 20 minutes into the cook. Smoker temp at 305 F. Started measuring internal temp. In thigh is at 150F. 20 degrees to go! Here's a photo. Looking good! Mike [/IMG]
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    OK. At one hour in to the cook, the smoker temp is up to 300F. Outside temp is 45 F and clear skies today! Here's a photo of my WeberStation. I designed this peninsula for my deck specifically for my Webers! Have an 18 inch WSM, a kettle, and a Genesis gas. Perfect! Mike [/IMG]
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    Late Thanksgiving Turkey!

    We're celebrating Thanksgiving a little late. Now that the kids are grown and married and have more family to gather with, scheduling is a bit more difficult! Anyway, I just put my turkey on my WSM. Am using the technique and recipe for an enhanced turkey (Butterball) from the TVWB. Have...
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    WSM is the best smoker ever!

    I am always amazed every time I use my WSM at how good it is! I smoked 4 7 pound butts today. Took about 11 hours and my WSM held the temperature at 250 the entire smoke with no adjustments. I opened the vents up all the way for the first 30 minutes and than closed off the bottom vents by...
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    Smoked Pork Butt tastes like ham?

    What would be a good % salt for a pork butt rub?
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    Grilling Chicken

    I don't mind a little pink either. The idea of opening up the joint a bit helps a lot though. Here's my family's all time favorite grilled chicken recipe. Marinate (brine?) the chicken in soy sauce with a lot of fresh garlic. I like to marinate it in a freezer bag. then grill as usual...
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    Great Deal?? on Weber Genisis

    Great deal for a great grill!! The Weber Genesis series is the best gas grill there is in my opinion. Very even cooking at all temps over the entire grate surface. It is the perfect gas grill. I have a Genesis and a Weber Kettle and a WSM smoker. Have had many other brands of all three...
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    Smoked Pork Butt tastes like ham?

    OK I think that answers my question. My rub has about 3 tbs kosher salt per cup. As far as I know, that normally isn't too much, so the only thing I can think of is that the butt must be enhanced. I'm putting on what will stick to the mustard, so I don't think I'm using too much. I may just...