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  1. Jim Strickland

    Standing chickens

    I just crack up when a person sees the picture and asks where the beer cans are.
  2. Jim Strickland

    Standing chickens

    I thought l'd share a picture of a couple of beer can chickens l did a few summers ago. There are two cans of Pabst holding them up but not shown in picture.
  3. Jim Strickland

    My new wind screen!

    Excellent work Timothy!
  4. Jim Strickland

    Spritzing Meat - Apple Juice vs. ACV vs. ?

    My late father used to dabble with different mixtures and such. From 50/50 water and apple juice to Sprite and Koolaid and everything else in between. Some were great and some were so so at best but he never lost the desire to try. Like Michael Richards said, it depends on your flavor...
  5. Jim Strickland

    Recipes - Is there a website or book recommendation?

    Anything by Aaron Franklin and the Weber Books. Along with that l'd recommend Smoking Meat by Will Fleischman and The Secrets of Smoking on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker and Other Smokers by Bill Gillespie.
  6. Jim Strickland

    Gonna Be Attempting Brisket Soon

    Everyone has different options on the subject of water in the pan or not. Really it's all about personal taste. I don't use water for brisket but l do use a 50/50 mix of boiling fruit juices and water for pork butts. I don't believe it's either the right or wrong way it's just my way of doing...
  7. Jim Strickland

    Gonna Be Attempting Brisket Soon

    I remember my first brisket on the WSM. I got all worked up about the temp control, to use water or not, foil or paper, etc..etc..etc. I ended up keeping it simple and it turned out fine. The only thing different l do than Timothy is l spritz with beef broth. If it's not enjoyable to do IMO...
  8. Jim Strickland

    What kind of wire to connect the charcoal ring to the grate?

    I used SS wire 3 yrs ago and it has worked well so far.
  9. Jim Strickland

    22.5" WSM Mods

    Try this:
  10. Jim Strickland

    Brisket on the WSM. Fat up or down?

    I do brisket both ways with the fat cap trimmed to approximately 1/4". Low and slow l put the fat cap up. Hot and fast l put the fat cap down. Like Chris pointed out you should spritz occasionally with the fat cap down.
  11. Jim Strickland

    New and smoldering

    Martin and Jim C is on point with their posts. IMO the 18 should be able to finish any rib smoke with that much charcoal.
  12. Jim Strickland

    Charcoal grate mod for 18.5. Really good if using briquettes?

    Ditto what Geo said. This is a mod worth the time and money.
  13. Jim Strickland

    1st Smoke Day!

    Very, very nice! Nice job.
  14. Jim Strickland

    Got a new WSM 18 today.....

    Welcome to the family!
  15. Jim Strickland

    Scored a New 22 WSM!!!

    That is a great price. Congrats!
  16. Jim Strickland

    Start Stock or Modded

    I'm with the start with stock crowd with the exception of those who bought a 22" then l'd go with casters/wheels. To me it's more important the learn about your WSM then decide from there whether or not to mod.
  17. Jim Strickland

    Bluetooth Thermometers?

    Never had thermometer bluetooth but l have the Thermoworks Smoke. I've have nothing but great things to say about it.
  18. Jim Strickland

    First pork shoulder attempt. What's the best temp to cook at?

    Looks good! Keep up the good work.