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  1. RJ Banks

    High Heat Brisket question

    I hope you are right lol. I mean I know bbq's done when it's done but I am just so confused by this one.
  2. RJ Banks

    High Heat Brisket question

    Looking for others opinions. I decided to try the high heat method for a brisket today. Purchase weight was 14 pounds and just over 12 after trimming. I put it on the smoker just after 07:30 am with temp going between 350 to 375. About 09:15 the probe was showing it was at 163. Pulled and...
  3. RJ Banks

    Pair of Midnight Briskets

    Nice. How did they turn out? Thoughts on the cyberq? I've been thinking about getting one.
  4. RJ Banks

    First Attempt at Pastrami

    You killed it. Looks like this is your 100th and not first.
  5. RJ Banks

    First Time Beef Ribs

    Looks like I would have enjoyed them also!
  6. RJ Banks

    Applewood Smoked Beef Back Ribs

    Great job. They look delicious!
  7. RJ Banks

    Finally got to get the smoker out again!

    Vacuum sealed 14 1.5 lb packages.
  8. RJ Banks

    A steak and chicken thighs for leftovers

    That's an impressive collection. Food looks good also.
  9. RJ Banks

    Finally got to get the smoker out again!

    First two are done and wrapped in foil and towels. The ones on the bottom grate are taking their sweet time. 2016-05-14_09-03-02 by roy banks, on Flickr
  10. RJ Banks


    Yep, come on. And more dough still to use.
  11. RJ Banks


    So while waiting for the butts to finish and get vacuumed sealed that I started this morning we decided to have some friends over and make a few pies. 20141226_171547 by roy banks, on Flickr First one done. Just sausage and pepperoni. 20141226_172652 by roy banks, on Flickr Wife made a white...
  12. RJ Banks

    Finally got to get the smoker out again!

    This was 8 hours in. 20160514_161702 by roy banks, on Flickr Thanks Charles H! Finally worked. Rich, I did delete some and got down to 80% but with Flickr giving you 1 TB for free and now that I can get it to work, I think I will try that for a while.
  13. RJ Banks

    3-Inch Thick Dry Aged Ribeye

    Beautiful steak! I am drooling at this one.
  14. RJ Banks


    So what was the outcome of this massive undertaking?
  15. RJ Banks


    Those look awesome!
  16. RJ Banks

    Stuffed Burgers Atkins Style

    Very nice.
  17. RJ Banks

    Franklin Encounter

    This is so cool. Glad you got to have such a great experience and cool way to display your bone and pics.
  18. RJ Banks

    Pulled Pork Pizza

    Looks tasty.
  19. RJ Banks

    Finally got to get the smoker out again!

    Okay, so I used to use photobucket and ran out of free storage so I am now trying Flickr. Does anyone know how to put the photos on the thread and not just the links?
  20. RJ Banks

    Finally got to get the smoker out again!

    So it's been way too long since I have had any time to smoke anything. I have been hanging around watching all the good food you guys have been putting up. Stocked up on almost 40 lbs of butts the other week when they were on sale for .89 cents per pound. It's been awhile since I have seen...