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  1. Jim Minion

    Tough butt

    At 190* wrap and place in a dry cooler for a couple of hours, can do 4 hours and still be hot, the internal will increase another 10* during that rest to 200*. The butt will continue to tenderize without applying heat, helps retain moisture. If you take them 205 or more you will still get the...
  2. Jim Minion

    Best Minion Method

    I have heard that works, LOL
  3. Jim Minion

    What cut is this?

    Normally that cuts is the end of a pork loin, can have some fat cap on it and often it will have been scored with a knife across the grain about 1 to 1 1/2" a part. Country style ribs are processed from the butt.
  4. Jim Minion

    Best Minion Method

    I use a weed burner now days for start up, have a good feel how much I need to light.
  5. Jim Minion

    Hello again from Seattle

    brian your welcome! LOL
  6. Jim Minion

    First Rib Cook

    I like cooking ribs at 250 to 275, moisture in product is from tissue breaking down leaving it's moisture behind, getting the ribs off the heat at the right time is the key. I always foil to get repeatable results, and add flavor prints.
  7. Jim Minion

    Hello again from Seattle

    Thank you all for the kind words. Rick G That was a good time in Tahoe, I was drinking whisky? LOL
  8. Jim Minion

    Hello again from Seattle

    Chris it was my pleasure, you have always been good to me, you are the man! Hey Tony good to see you are still here. On edit Tony I was thinking of someone else, thanks for the welcome. ;)
  9. Jim Minion

    Help with Smoke Duration

    Cooking a packer from Babe the Blue OX makes a hell of a heat sync also. Turned out great is always the best way for a cook to end. ;)
  10. Jim Minion

    First Rib Cook

    Ken Chances are the ribs may have been a little over cooked, but if it was just bit dry, then practice is what you need to produce outstanding product.
  11. Jim Minion

    Hello again from Seattle

    I was here in the beginning but it has been a while. Hello to everyone especially Chris, doing well I hope old friend. Jim Minion
  12. Jim Minion

    What have you learned? The TVWBB Knowledge Archive *****

    I learned that if you are going to pass on information you need to think through the process, in the long run it makes you a better cook. Jim
  13. Jim Minion

    beginner's advice

    Weber Kettle can cook indirect, can always used as a grill when they figure out if they want to up grade as far as smoker is concerned. Jim
  14. Jim Minion

    Brisket at 160 after 14 hours??

    Tom have you checked the probe on the DigiQ unit make sure that the cooker is really at 225? If it is and times run that long I would bump the pit temp and continue cooking. Jim
  15. Jim Minion

    Kingsford Competition Briquets press release

    Way to logical that can get you into trouble. LOL
  16. Jim Minion

    Kingsford Competition Briquets press release

    I just recieved a bag of the new coals to test, will be cooking this weekend if we don't float away, if it doesn't slow down I'm building an ark.
  17. Jim Minion

    does sand in the pan make a difference?

    I have never seen a problem with high temp cooks and a dry waterpan, no damage. Direct cooking 18" to 21" above coal bed is a time honored tradition. Spatchcock, is butterfling poultry by taking out the backbone. Jim
  18. Jim Minion

    Kingsford Competition Briquets press release

    Kingsford is sending some of the New Charcoal to try, will let you know what I think. Jim
  19. Jim Minion

    Brisket, oven for 3 hrs, then smoker?

    Meat absorbs no smoke but when smoke is being past over it it will lay it on the meat. If you want smokering you can't use the oven for the first 3 hours. Jim
  20. Jim Minion

    Oh my, gusty question

    The bottom vent that is in the wind can be closed all the way and use the other two to control pit temp, it helps. Jim