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    New to forum, to Q and burning everything!!

    Thought that I should give this post a nudge also for those new to cooking on the Q. Good Cooking.
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    Cooking on the Weber Q Series

    Hi All Just thought that I would give this thread a bit of a nudge to show I am still alive and cooking up a storm.
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    What do you clean the grate with?

    I use this one dipped in a bit of water. No problems. I sometimes use a paint scraper to do inbetween but most times it is not required. Cheers
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    New to forum, to Q and burning everything!!

    I was jus re-reading these posts and wondered whatever happened to Suzie Q and how she is cooking now. I noted hat he post count is over 10000 here, it also has a lot of followers at the Aussie Cue forum as well. Have a great Xmas and fantastic new year.
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    Cooking on the Weber Q Series

    Hi all Just an update on this. The forum that the cookbook was on has been upgraded and you can now find the cookbook at Edit. Sorry I just found out that due to the forum program code you need to be a forum member to see he link...
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    How to cook indirect with Q220?

    Here is my method of indirect using a trivet or rack raised over a doubled over sheet of foil. 5 chickens being cooked indirect on a Genesis 2 Chickens indirect on a Q220. [ Hope it helps
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    New to forum, to Q and burning everything!!

    Only 12 more views to make 10,000 views, thats mighty impressive. Seems like there are quite a few people that have similar experiences to Suzie Q's I am glad that i have helped some people. Cheers Phil
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    New to forum, to Q and burning everything!!

    Jeff You can always rest it for a long time in an esky (I think that you guys call them a cooler.) Cook the roast to about 10 degrees below the target temp and turn the Q down as low as you can and continue to cook until it is 5 degrees less than the target temp, (the longer it takes to get...
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    Converting Weber Q 2000 to Q 2200

    Gareth,it is my experience that you don't need the higher lid for the 200 series. The temp gauge is e main difference. I think that part of the reason for the higher lid is so the tail of the temperature probe doesn't interfere or make contact with the meat. I can cook 2 x 4 lb (1.8Kg) in the...
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    add smoke flavor to burgers?

    Smoking on the Q is not that successful. As stated above use a foil parcel on the grill. The majority of smoke flavour occurs below 140 degrees. Position the Q with the side into a gentle breeze, place the foil packet between the breeze and the meat. Try cooking the burger indirect first by...
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    Cooking on a Q - instruction Videos

    I thought that I would bump this one to give all the new owners a link to the videos. Note. It is not me in the videos. Cheers Phil
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    Breakfast on the Ace Q 2200 ...

    One of the beauties of using the foil and trivet method for indirect grilling is that the fat and juices drop onto the foil and boil off imparting that wonderful BBQ flavour into the air which is circulating around the meat. I finish mine off with a direct sear on the trivet on max heat for two...
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    Cooking on the Weber Q Series

    Post deleted as no longer relevant
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    Grilled Salmon

    I have a few ways but for a smokey flavour which you apear to be fond of. the cedar Planked Salmon has to be the best hit for you. You need a plank of cedar about 5/16" - 3/8" thick a little bigger than the salmon fillet (about 1/2" minimum clearance all around the edges.) Soak the cedar in...
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    Cooking on the Weber Q Series

    Hi All I am constantly getting requests for info about cooking on the Q series and requests for my Weber Q cookbook I have posted a copy of the general hints and info plus a copy of the recipe book on the Aussie Cue BBQ Forum of which I am an Administrator. I hope I am not contravening any...
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    New to forum, to Q and burning everything!!

    Jeff Thank you for the kind words. I am extremely pleased that my posts have helped You, Suzie and many others in mastering cooking on the Q. The fact that you have continued on and are developing methods of Low and Slow and other styles of cooking is testimony to your dedication to the craft...
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    That trivet thingie is pretty slick

    Hi guys, just saw this post so I thought that I would add a bit to it. In Australia I have been using the trivet for nearly 9 years, Weber Australia sell a purpose built one. The one that Richard shows has feet that will fall in the cracks, to overcome that problem just roll up four balls of...
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    Problem with everything sticking on Q240 grates

    Christian. Don't use water with the brush to clean it after cooking. In Australia we have proved that this is the main cause of the grill rusting. Just brush them with the wire brush and wipe or spray it with a little oil. Don't use olive oil. Canola or vegetable oil works well as does ricebran...
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    Teflon Cooking Sheet

    Tom I have been using these Teflon grill sheets for about 6 - 7 years. They are perfect for the Weber Q series. I don't use them every day, I only use them in lieu of a hot plate. For things like grilled onions grilled salmon, some grilled veggies, burger patties, prawns sometimes, mussels and...
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    Which Q to get, 100 or 200 series

    Mate, Easy choice - get the Q320 if you don't need portable. You can cook for 2 or 20, great BBQ to support the Performer when you are doing thos big BBQ gatherings or great for the 10 minute after work grill. About 90% of the size or the E330 but not as high. I demonstrated cooking on all 3 for...