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    Cherry Wood questions

    Having tried all the staples (apple, hickory, pecan, mesquite)cherry wood has become far and away my favorite wood for smoking. You really can use it on everything, but it goes great with anything pork. Provides a mild smoke but enough so that you know it's there.
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    Hamburg Patties 101 ???

    80/20 for sure. I usually just mix in a little worcestershire and some garlic salt and pepper, but my secret is to pour a little maple syrup in the burger meat and mix it up a little. Adds just the right amount of sweet without overpowering it. Also, if this isn't already obvious, press a...
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    i think i give up on bbq anything pork

    Someone recently told me that the meat from a male pig has more of the "hammy" flavor than a female pig. I spoke to a butcher about this and he agreed, back ribs from a female pig are much more desireable than from a male pig. He told me that if you've ever picked up a rack of ribs and they...
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    First Brisket with pics

    I've had my 18" WSM for about 1.5 years and woke up on Friday to the realization of how blasphemous it was that I hadn't tried a full packer yet. Considering I grew up in Texas, this is especially sinful. I work for a non-profit and so I'm able to gain access to Restaurant Depot, so on my way...
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    Opening your own joint...

    Erik, Besides the fact that this is an entertaining read, it will give you a great blow by blow account of how someone went about opening their own place from scratch. It's a great great read. It's a long one though so give yourself some time...
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    Questions about Memphis Barbecue

    Mac, I grew up in Texas but my Dad grew up in Memphis (still have alot of family there), and I have spent many holidays there. As far as your 1st question goes, that's a new one to me and I would lean towards disagreeing with whoever made that claim. Every time I've been there and we've either...
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    Trader Joe's beef tenderloin

    Thanks fellas. I ended up cooking the sucker low and slow at about 235 degrees. Very happy I did that. I was worried about having no crust on the meat, but I ended up with as good as one as I would have normally gotten if I seared it. It was almost strange how noticeable the crust was. I...
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    Trader Joe's beef tenderloin

    OK fellas....advice needed. I picked up a ~3lb beef tenderloin roast from TJ's the other day and I want to use the WSM to cook it. I've typically only done these in the oven or on the grill. My question - take the bowl out and cook it at a ~350 temp, or leave the bowl in and cook it around...
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    Smoking a pork loin?

    Hey Donny, I actually smoked a 2lb boneless loin last weekend. I smoked it at about 260-270 for a couple hours until it hit 145, and then threw it in the oven at 500 for 5 minutes to brown. I can honestly say that this was the best cut of loin I've ever eaten. I had never prepared one this...
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    Winning the Trigg Texas Rib-Off

    Harry, How cool was that? Have any of those guys given you grief in the past about cooking with the weber bullets as opposed to one of their giant rigs? And if so, have they since admitted that you don't need a $20k pit to produce winning q? Also I noticed in one of your threads that you...
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    Spice level suggestions....

    Harry, Thanks for taking the time to share with us this week! I noticed that your natural preference is for a higher spice level in your foods (I'm in the same camp), and so I wondered if there are some tips you might want to share for those of us who prefer to have more bite in their food...
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    Ribs barely pull back on the bone

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by paul h: Wadda use guys worried about, If they are done and tender to your taste then so be it. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I agree, but pullback just looks...
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    Ribs barely pull back on the bone

    Darrell, I've got the same issue and noticed that on baby backs I can't seem to get the pull back that I can on st. louis style. Even with st louis style the pullback isn't all that much. I've been trying to decide if it's a cooker temp - more pull back if cooked around 200, or...
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    Pepper Stout Beef

    Larry it turned out GREAT! I gave it another hour or so and then the meat pulled beautifully. You're right, some pieces of meat are just more stubborn than others and I think I had a particularly fiesty one this time around. Sorry no pictures this time, camera battery was drained. I...
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    Pepper Stout Beef

    Larry, I'm doing this recipe right now and am currently in the finishing in the oven stage. I had the thermometer in the meat and noticed that it hit 200 degrees fairly quickly (in about an hour). I thought 200 was when beef needed to be pulled but it's still a little tough. It's been about...
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    Help with my Butt

    Yep, just go with a rub this time. Have fun!
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    Leftover Butt

    Hey everyone, Sorry if already discussed, but I am looking for ideas on what to do with leftover pork butt. I've done ABT's (awesome, can't wait to do them again) and am looking for a few more uses. I have about 6 pounds left over from a weekend smoke that is hanging out in the freezer...
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    A pile of cooks over the last month

    Ahhh....Chili season is upon us. Clark, I'm always looking to see how others prepare their chili. The pics from yours look fabulous. Would you mind sharing how you do yours? Thanks! Pat
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    Babyback cook

    Kevin, that smoke ring is incredible. Just do you go about getting such a thick one on such a small portion of meat like the baby back? Do you add some extra wood chunks and throw the ribs on right when the smoke is billowing? I can't ever seem to get a smoke ring that thick...
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    Smoke wood for cheap

    Russ, Thanks for the great tip. I can't tell you how difficult it is to find anything other than hickory or mesquite wood chunks here in the chicagoland hardware stores, so this is great. Just ordered a bag each of apple, cherry and pecan. Pat