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  1. Chuck Dugas

    ??? !

    Good decision. I don't even use mine an more.
  2. Chuck Dugas

    Applesmoked Beef Short Ribs

    Sure looks good. Jim, do you still get your beef ribs at Sendik's?
  3. Chuck Dugas

    No chemo for me

    Every time I make bacon I think of you. I've learned a lot from all your posts. I'll keep you in my prayers . Stay positive. Chuck.
  4. Chuck Dugas

    <('@')> Bacon ´ö`

    We do the same thing. 12lbs smoked, keep 2-4 lbs for ourselves.
  5. Chuck Dugas

    Is it worth getting a membership to Costco or Sam's just for the meat?

    I agree 100% Dropping Sam's and staying with Costco. Love the Visa card also.
  6. Chuck Dugas

    Shorties on the Shorty

    Great job Bob. Can you tell me what temp you were running at? ps. Happy New Year!
  7. Chuck Dugas

    Brisket Success (what a bark!!)

    Excellent job Enrico! One question? Why did you put ashes in the pan? You would think the drippings from the brisket would have the ashes fall on the meat. Wouldn't it be better to just fill the pan with water. That way you eliminate that other water pan also. Just my opinion. ( for what it's...
  8. Chuck Dugas

    What else... Corned Beef and Cabbage and some Rye Bread

    Great cook Cliff! What a great meal. Look at that marbling! I was surprised that they used a solution (20%) on a Kobe piece of meat. Like the idea of adding tomatoes. Thanks for sharing. Chuck.
  9. Chuck Dugas

    Heck of a kettle/smoker cover for $11 and SB wings

    You made me hungry. Thanks for posting Bob.
  10. Chuck Dugas

    Rotisserie Pork Chops & Grilled Apples

    Great job Robert. I told Weber many years ago to make a rotisserie ring for the 14.5 . They said the demand would not be there. I'm very surprised that nobody jumped on this idea. Thanks for sharing .
  11. Chuck Dugas

    Chuck Roast in the Smokey Joe EnerQ

    You sure made my mouth water! Nice job. Great smoke ring.
  12. Chuck Dugas

    The Smoked Meatloaf Experiment - Final Lab and Conclusions

    Looks great John. Time to make some meat loaf. Can you fill me in on what is Benoits? and GS? Thanks Chuck.
  13. Chuck Dugas

    3 Bone Pork Chop

    That looks Great Jim. We won't talk about the Badgers.......IT's going to be a very long season...
  14. Chuck Dugas

    Smoked/Roasted Duck

    I like the rotisserie way also. before I put the duck on I use a fork and pierce the skin all over so that the fat drains off. This helps a lot.
  15. Chuck Dugas

    Pork Belly

    Nice job Bob. We were at our Costco in Kenosha and the pork belly's were $1.98/lb. They looked pretty good. Thanks for sharing Bob.
  16. Chuck Dugas

    First Brisket packer

    When was the last time you checked your temp gauge on your smoker. (with ice then hot water). Just thinking out loud. Thanks for sharing. Chuck.
  17. Chuck Dugas

    Chicken on the rotisserie

    Alexis, Nice job. I do have a suggestion. When I do rotisserie chicken I don't use a drip pan.I let the drippings fall on the flavorizer bars. The chicken gets a better taste and the chicken gets nice and crispy. (I think the pan stopped the heat from getting the bird brown). In 2 hrs the bird...
  18. Chuck Dugas

    First Bacon Venture

    I agree with Todd. You have to rise the bacon at least 1.5 hrs. It will take a lot of that salt out of the bacon. Great looking bacon slab. Looks like side bacon.(a lot more meat then fat). Thanks for sharing JR.
  19. Chuck Dugas


    NICE,VERY NICE! Great job Jim. I see a tri tip or something beef coming up next. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Chuck Dugas

    Meats & Veg on Big Skewers

    I just ate supper and now I'm hungry again!!!!! Nice Job Jerry.